Charity Unbans

We're proud to support a brilliant selection of charities by offering banned players the opportunity to donate $25 to a charity from the pool below and receive an unban, providing they meet certain criteria:

  • Maximum one unban per 3 months
  • This does not apply to blacklists

Donating to a charity to receive an unban does not grant you immunity from future punishment. The punishment will not be removed from your record.

Once you have donated to one of these charities, contact with proof of your donation.

Crohn’s & Colitis UK
We’re here for everyone with Crohn’s and Colitis - The Trevor Project’s mission is to end suicide among LGBTQ young people.

Conservation International
Since 1987, Conservation International has worked to improve the lives of people everywhere by protecting oceans, forests and other living ecosystems. - Mind provides support to anyone facing a mental health problem.

FOUR PAWS is the global animal welfare organisation for animals under human influence, which reveals suffering, rescues animals in need and protects them...