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05 Oct
Impending Survival Nether Reset snw

Hi everyone,

I'm posting this announcement today to alert you of a nether reset for both survival realms that will take place on Wednesday, 7th October at 2PM BST (9AM EST).

As of last week, we updated the core version of both of our survival servers to 1.16, allowing for new blocks to be placed, and new gameplay features to be fully functional. To make the most of this update, we need to reset our nether dimensions. This will generate plenty of new chunks for both communities to explore.

Any items, chests or builds in the existing nether world will be completely wiped. We advise that you leave the Nether dimension to avoid any chances of corrupting your inventory.

Thank you!

Hello LemonCloud!

We’ve been very excited to announce this month's first event... our Halloween Build Competition! The events team has had so much fun viewing all of your amazing builds in previous build competitions, and we can’t wait to see your creativity flow this month! Will you build a spoooooky ghost, a good time trick-or-treating, or something completely unique that would make the ghouls and goblins go wild? We can’t wait to see it!

The deadline to submit your plot is October 29th at midnight (EST), and the winners will be revealed on Halloween!

** You can submit your builds through the Google Form here. **

The prizes are:

:1st: 50 Lemons and an exclusive role in our Discord server
:2nd: 30 Lemons and an exclusive role in our Discord server
:3rd: 15 Lemons and an exclusive role in our Discord server

| Guidelines:
  • Follow all server rules
  • You can only have one...​
26 Sep
Management changes, notices & more! snw

Hi everyone,

It's been a very wild few weeks, with plenty of changes all over the server. As summer ends, it's time to start winding down and focusing on the next few months. This time last year, the server was struggling to hit fifty concurrent users and was in a very poor place. The past year has been all about rebuilding the network we all love and bringing it into a state that we can appreciate and enjoy.

And it's certainly been a wild ride so far... the team behind the server has been working extremely hard every single day for the past year to get it into a place we are happy with. Earlier this year, we hit peaks that we haven't seen for years, and launched plenty of brand new gamemodes that LemonCloud hasn't seen for a while. Rebuilding the entire network from the bottom has been a mission that I am so proud of the team for doing.

But, it certainly isn't the end of all of this. We still could be happier with the network, and today I'm going to be announcing some long-term changes that will benefit both the community and the development curve of LemonCloud and it's sister projects.

Introducing the 'Operator' rank
LemonCloud has used many different team structures over the years, all unique and...
20 Aug
OPFactions Reset (August 2020) iLemon

Greetings LemonCloud!
It's time for a new map of OPFactions! This weekend, the map will reset and a new season of OPFactions begins. Get your faction together and be ready to grind and claim the cash prizes this season!

Saturday 22nd August 2020
3pm EST / 8pm BST

For your local timezone, please click here!

➤ Reset Details
  • In-game money
  • mcMMO levels
  • Inventory items
  • Enderchest items
  • Vault items
  • Homes
  • Bases/land
  • Faction data
  • Leaderboard data
  • Donator Ranks
  • Kits
  • Titles
  • Addons

World Info
  • Overworld - 10k x...
30 Jun
June Rewards, Raffle Winners & more! snw

Hi everyone,

Welcome to June's monthly recap thread, containing last months Top Voters and Raffle Winner! I'll also cover things that occurred in the past month, including our changes to the application system and the content team!

June Top Voters
Every month, we compile a list of the people who voted the most during that period and release them on the forums.

All rewards have been paid out in advance, onto your /lemons account.
  • 1st Place: eWarp, LegitVeggie
  • 2nd Place: Emu_Nugget, jsf317
  • 3rd Place: iDuo
Let me know if you need assistance claiming your rewards!

June Raffle Winner
This month's raffle reward was $25 PayPal. To enter our raffle, you must vote five times per day. This will enter you into our monthly raffle with very exciting prizes. Please message me on Discord or in conversation to claim your prize!
  • Raffle Winner: Ashdric
You have one week to claim your reward!

Staff Applications
All Staff Applications will be reviewed on the 3rd of July. This is your last chance to submit them before we close them one last time to make final tweaks to the system. The final update will require each candidate to complete some...

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