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    Closed [All Servers] Help me get unbanned

    I bet havent pvped a day in ur life i gbet u sit on creative all day and build houses u cant pvp that isnt hacking at all Not a chance he is hacking
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    Closed [All Servers] Help me get unbanned

    not only that amazes me how staff have no response to all my false bans, or maybe every other false ban from other faction players, you just piss everyone off, have no evidence then when someone complains staff calls it staff direspect. Ur only suppoorters for staff is creative kids who build...
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    Closed [All Servers] Help me get unbanned

    Yeah i agree this is unbelievable the fact that players get banned for 1 apparently "sus" hit then is perm banned for it. We even have NightQuil the owner of the video saying "yeah he was never hacking he just got a few sus hits" amazing how there is no screen share to prove staff is in the...
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    Closed [All Servers] CORRUPTION

    Ima add onto this, it’s crazy how many of the good players and supporters of the server magically get banned for the smallest reasons possible. Not only that the rules or AWFUL I have never seen worse punishments for a server, what is a 1 hour mute on other servers is a 3 day ban on here. Amazes...
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    Pending [Factions] Faction Fly

    Just add it like my god some people can’t pay for top rank just add it only in claims
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    Denied [OPFactions] Nerfing axes

    Players either buy or have on 1000 alts to get keys and get mcmmo I agree that mcmmo is too much and getting 3 tapped takes the main point of pvp away and it isn’t even fair
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    Denied [OPFactions] Moster Cobble

    Agreed 100% I feel like it should be bannable at all times of how much of a mess it makes
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    Denied [OPFactions] List of suggestions

    Leroy speech my guy bugs never get fixed! Insiding is stupid for loosing f top and should be bannable! And idk about regens I feel like they should make restrictions against certain walls and how many of each u can have
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    The word "homophobic"

    idk if this is an appeal or not but anything around “gay” or “homo” is bannable and almost the entire OpFactions community has gotten banned for that or sm else around that and I don’t see why it’s bannable especially when u don’t use it in an insulting way, but the staff do what they want to do ig
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    Watch out OnlyFans

    Ima bet some member wasted 8 ceggs just to destroy that
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    End the OpFaction Season

    I honestly think that the season on OpFactions should end for a variety of reasons. Even though people have bought stuff and done irl deals, the game isn’t fun anymore nor Competitive AT ALL. I understand it’s “OpFactions” but i think 50 THOUSAND zombie pigman spawners is too much. It’s not even...
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    I want a staff to clean up my base

    Just because it’s on the forums doesn’t make it a big deal with that fact there’s hours of work that wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place not to mention how late u are to this post
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    Denied [OPFactions] Time consuming problems

    Essential Information Minecraft Username: Wolfue Server Name: OPFactions Suggestion Information Thread Title: Time consuming problems Description: Just please I wanna punch myself how long much time this takes What would your suggestion improve?: Everyone in factions who can /fix...
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    Denied [KitPvP] 1v1?

    They need to fix /duel in general all it says is that there isn’t a map but I would appreciate it if they fix it
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    Denied [OPFactions] Bedrock Pickaxe

    I actually +1 this idea considering there is no way to remove bedrock than to blow it which causes too many problems and it’s just tedious