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  1. DaddyMike20

    The Big Problem With SB

    Hi, I’ve been a player on this server for quite some time now, me and friends that play this server all agree on certain things the server needs to change or improve. Please be mindful of the fact that I DON’T hate this server, this server has a great community as well as an incredibly...
  2. N0thingsleft

    my friend can't place anything

    my can place any anything or break please help
  3. N0thingsleft

    my friend needs help with her plot

    my friend was build on her then she saw a msg poped up and said: Have an admin set the flag use/break and place
  4. Appledoodle

    Wrong Store (admins)

    Hey there! I'm Appledoodle and i wanted to buy gold rank for OPPrisons however clicked without knowing OPFactions and i was wondering if some of the admins could help me with this somehow by removing it from factions and getting it on prisons. much thanks in advanced! Appledoodle.
  5. dummiedude1000

    Idea! All Admin/Mods look here!!!

    Ok, so here's my idea, how about *dun, dun, dun, dunnnn* AN OFFICIAL LEMONCLOUD DISCORD!!! Just think about it! Mabye have a voice cannel and chat for every game! Please just look into it...
  6. Tgrs

    Staff Spotlight | Helper Application Tips from Staff

    Staff Spotlight Hello everyone! Welcome to a very special Staff Spotlight. This thread contains tips from the 8 Staff members that have been interviewed for a previous Staff Spotlight. If you're an aspiring Helper, these tips are for you! "Keep active, reply even after you have 100 forum...
  7. Admin Gfx

    @dtm @chckn @AzureDev @iLemon @VoidWhisperer @sys @iEmmaz @Chrisbeg
  8. EnderLordMatrix

    I Need Some Help!

    Can an Admin come and rollback my island, i got grilled. someone stole my spawners.
  9. TheDankestMaiMai

    Survival server down? or just me?

    So i'm not sure, but u haven't been able to get on survival since 6pm cst and still cant at 4am cst, is this a problem with me or everyone
  10. Firekiller

    Road grief still not fixed

    I think I may have posted about this before but cannot find the post. My road and surrounding areas outside the protection areas have been severely griefed and keep being griefed. Please can an admin roll back the damage deal with those responsible. Thanks. It's been a while. I have more...
  11. Bug/Glitch; chat

    Hey guys how's you? So I'm experiencing this glitch in whenever I try and send a message into the global chat I receive in red letters"Cannot send chat message". This only affects global chat, commands are unaffected(thank Jah)