ban apeal

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  1. ReddCharizard

    i am confused abt my ban

    Hi i am reddCharizard if you know me or not i was banned for "Discrimination" and i dont know why i dont think i waas being descriminating at all... so if i was im sorry.
  2. JustaNoobKoala's Ban Appeal

    I was banned maybe a year ago, I don't remember the specifics but I know I was being very offensive, I now know that I shouldn't have ever done such a thing. On the server I was very committed, I had a rank and played all the time, I hope one mistake will not end my experience on Lemon Cloud, I...
  3. Ban appeal

    hi my name is Zack and ingame Zackesp i was banned today for saying "I know the best weapon the police could use" then i said "a laser that shoots autism at people" and then i was banned but i didnt say a bad word i didnt insult anyone and it was just a joke people who would take that serious...
  4. iiTry2PvP

    Staff looking into ban appeals

    How long does it take for staff to look into ban appeals, i got stupidly banned for ban evading because of a friend who was hacking the other day and got banned. So i hoped on thinking i would be fined but nope i got perm banned when he only got banned for 7 days. Can a Staff tag niek to look...
  5. I have been gothen a ban for my name

    It did stand that i got a ban for having a raicist name. I understnd it wery well. I have changed my name and would like to be unbanned. It did say if you chang your name your ban will be taken away. Banned by Funnehh. Changed my name from gasskammeret to Melange
  6. Spike


    sorry i have got help now :D