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  1. CheezyPhantom

    Banned for "Blacklist"?!

    Soo I just entered the server and I'm permanently banned for reason "Blacklist". I have no idea what have I've done and where I can appeal my ban :/ Can somebody help pls? I'm really confused
  2. BigNoahhh

    Banned for hacking looooooooool

    Thanks for the false ban.... I would like to thank @xCediv for this ban and would like everyone that knows me to tell him that i dont hack and i am very bad at pvp XD BTW this was during kit pvp and i went down and got stuck on something and it was making my screen shake pretty sure thats why i...
  3. xDLunar

    How I Got Banned?

    This Vid Was Made By My Alt Do Show How To Fly??? IDK It Works For Me Staff Saw I Was AFK Flyn?? Appealed And Ban Was Later Was Set To NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!! It Works For Other Server I Have Used This In Badlion And MineHereos If U Have Probs With This Command Not My Fault Please Chnage Version Until...
  4. Banned?

    How do I get banned by withdrawing money?! It says be careful or you might be banned. No one can see it?! I don't know why you can get banned by that! I'm banned for I don't know how long, because it's not in the records?! Help please?!
  5. Superlegos113

    When the voting links were out...

    I remember about a year or so ago where i nearly got banned because i posted The Sever's voting links in chat, this happened because the sign voting links were down and i had saved the direct link in my clipboard and people were link im sad we can't vote, so i posted the links in chat and this...
  6. Crowned_Felines

    Hey its King.

    IGN: Crowned_Felines Server problem took place on: Survival Reason: Nickname What I have to say: If my nick was really a bother, then staff of senior ranks or mods could have just removed it when I first had it and made forum posts. Instead of encouraging me on, but that okay.. Why I'm not...
  7. Banned :(

    Hey guys, so I was just banned from lemon cloud because someone was using hacks on my account. I have bought the champion rank for skyblock and I have changed my account password so that this doesn't happen again. I really want to get unbanned because this is the only server me and my friend...
  8. FexorX

    FexorX is back

    Yes, after a short hiatus (ahem, Lemon Firing me), I am back and better than ever. I hope that we can all put the bad things in the past and look forward to the future. I cannot wait to start donating again and holding awesome contests such and such. Firstly, I would like to apologize to iLemon...
  9. Omega208

    How NOT to get Banned

    DO NOT ADVERTISE. This includes links, server advertisements such as "-Staff needed! Come to [server ip] for a free staff position and mega plots! Mega plots, up to 4x per person!- " and so on.. Advertising is not tolerated on lemon cloud. DO NOT CHEAT, TRAP, OR GRIEF! Cheating with hacks can...