bug report

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  1. Krazztar1

    [BUG] Death Trap In Mines

    Firstly, I will admit that I don't remember 100% if this happened on LemonCloud or another server, but it's important to investigate nonetheless because this did happen to me, and it's a 50% chance it happened on LemonCloud. So I joined prison for the first time and started to mine. But as I...
  2. 2dragonfire

    Can I get some help from a mod and bug report

    Hi. I just got a wolf spawner from a vote crate, but as I exited the menu and went to left click my spawner from my hotbar to my inventory, the menu was force closed (not by me) and it dropped out of my inventory. The player Eloute was standing afk in front of me and picked up said dropped...
  3. AAHD

    Glitching On Slabs/Chests BUG

    Hello, Trying to walk on Slabs and Chest it glitches/throws you off. This is probably the anti-cheat thinking I'm flying. Thankssss
  4. Mirrorz

    Rank Bug

    I'm playing in SBwater and apparently, there is a new bug which makes ranks not show above players. Please fix it.