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  1. _Aalice

    Some builds of mine

    So the first 4 photos are my first plot. /p h _Aalice I built this plot along time ago when I first got on this server. The last photo is my 2nd plot, /p h _Aalice 2 and I'm taking my time on this mega plot and planning to really focus on landscaping right now. I like how it's coming along so...
  2. Marshe627

    My new survival2 office has only the ELDest memes.

    Finally finished the central part of my office on survival2 come check me out /msg Marshe627. #RipVine
  3. Clazzo


    I know I did an introduction recently however it was a bit of a joke introduction, so I thought I'd make a new introduction. My name is Clazzo and I play on the Lemoncloud server. I am from the UK. You may know me from getting banned from the Discord during the May Karaoke and causing uproar...
  4. iHells

    How I went from a circle to an amazing build in 2 weeks. (LemonCloud Build Contest.)

    Hi. So I have finally finished my submission for the LC spawn contest. You can view it at any time and give me suggestions by doing /p h iHells. Click on the [VIEW]'s and it will take you to an image. I started off as a blank plot with one stone circle in the middle. [VIEW] I ended with this...
  5. FexorX

    New Build In Creative

    I am back and better than ever. My new build is done and named "The Gardens of New Eden"; some photos are below, the links to the full galleries are listed below as well. Come take a visit at /p h FexorX Full Daytime Gallery - Full Nighttime Gallery -...
  6. iiomqdani

    My Newest Build (:

    It Has Appeared That I Used Someone Else's Build. I am deeply sorry for the mix up. I have multiple pictures of minecraft houses on my pc, and I couldn't tell if it was mine or not. Sorry for the mixup XOX Dani / Allsion (This is the actual Picture V)
  7. clingySalad


    Hey! This my my 1st [I think] thread. To be honest, I'm making this for the fun of it. I need build ideas. I'm very, very bored. Any free build plots?? Any suggestions for becoming an 'Active Member' on forums?? I am so sorry for making this thread. I know it takes up room, but I am bored...
  8. Nior

    Structure Update

    I've recently completed a *mansion. Thus, here I am sharing it with the community. You can find this at /p h Nior :redflower: Would be lovely if you checked it out! ^^
  9. GingerChipmunk

    Looking for builders to build a small island.

    I want to have a small island built for me. I will supply all the blocks you will need. It will be on SBFire.I want it to be divided In fourths with different colors. Each color will have something in it blue chest red smelting yellow farm etc. It will not be big and I think should be easy to...
  10. NickGamingFTW

    I Need A faction!

    I'm looking to join a faction with mostly ranks (I am Elite), I am great at pvping and am a good builder! Comment and tell me your faction name, and when im on ill join! Must have a good base.
  11. Mat_Cauthon1

    Build Contest

    I am starting a build contest in my city. There are 14 11x11 block plots available, so only 14 people can participate. There will be a 50k reward for first place, and partial, or full, remuneration for resources used in the build (within reason). I will judge builds on several categories...
  12. Luck254

    Recruting people for a giant construction

    As the title says I am recruting, but you can work in two ways: 1. Getting paid 2. Been a volunteer Most will ask me, why I would be a volunteer? Welp, because this is a giant building and I am not paying new people who has no experience to do that, so volunteer is for people to just...
  13. Luck254

    Thinking about building a Omega Flowey in my island

    I am thinking about building a Omega Flowey, I will need help But I think will look damn cool. Take a look about what I am thinking:
  14. For_runner

    Build Copying.

    (Note. It may look like I'm spamming the forum to meet my application requirements sooner, but I'm mainly trying to figure out the mechanisms of it. That and it's fun.) There's a problem that I've noticed on the creative server: Build copying. Now, I've messaged staff before and they've told...
  15. Firekiller

    Reclaiming houses

    A number of players have abandoned my town/left the server and their house claims (I originally built the houses) have since expired leaving them open to grief. Can I reclaim them to prevent grief and sell them on? Pretty evident they aren't coming back. Thanks
  16. Firekiller

    Reusing land: Owner moved out and removed most of build

    For a short time Subzero (IGN) had a house in my town near the town wall but since then he(I assume)'s abandoned it and demolished much of it. I added a temporary sand wall due to the half-removed build looking messy. Can I confirm that it is free for another player to build in? Subzero now has...
  17. Firekiller

    Is this a player build or auto-generated?

    Regardless this is cool. No claim. Seems to be a couple of temples/cathedrals/churches around custom to this server. Coords: 1073.550/71/8094.753 Note: Black line bottom right is 'cause I placed a torch to see it better
  18. urboygoat

    Factions Episode 7 | "New OP Fac Base"

    Today me and Alex complete our new OP factions base.
  19. Matteo.Rox


    Hello guys, matteorox here! I'm in need of a good plot. If you're known as a pretty decent builder, let me know as a reply. I will pay you 15 Trillion to build me something like what Jess has on her plot. Part of the 15 Trillion is for a storage room. I'm thinking about the underground...