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  1. RHVGamer

    I can't get some new blocks

    Uhm... Why can't I get netherite blocks and quartz bricks in creative? It could be really annoying if someone would want to build with them.
  2. okrunit

    Unscramble wins goal reached

    I finally hit my goal of 1500 unscramble wins! Next up is getting over 1600 to have 2nd place, then 1st which will require over 1750. @morganiscool get more than 420, smh. @Gibaeee get good at unscrambles. :) @coos_exe, sorry I had to pass you man, apologizing to you as well since your...
  3. Clazzo


    I know I did an introduction recently however it was a bit of a joke introduction, so I thought I'd make a new introduction. My name is Clazzo and I play on the Lemoncloud server. I am from the UK. You may know me from getting banned from the Discord during the May Karaoke and causing uproar...
  4. Stoel


    Hey so i havent been on the server for like a good 2 months since i got a staff role on a dif server and ive been rlly busy with that. so yesterday i tried playing, i got on in the evening cuz it was offline in the morning, i cleared all my plots cuz i had some pretty sick ideas, but now the...
  5. FurrDazzler

    The State of Creative

    So over the past few days, Creative has been going down for long periods of time (6+ hours), with no communication from staff as to why or when the server will be back up, which is opposed to bigger servers such as Survival, where the problem will be fixed within a couple of hours. Ontop of...
  6. okrunit

    Creative Commands Guide

    I am a bit rusty in commands on Creative after playing for years and taking a couple of month long breaks, but here you go: - When you first join you are put in the worlds spawn, to start you off, do /p auto (teleports and automatically claims a plot for you). - Commands to do with the plot...
  7. Hallowqueen

    Guide to Plot Flags!

    Howdy! Previously, I made a guide with all of the common commands related to plots for Prison and Creative - from how to get one, to how to merge multiple into one large plot (viewable here if you’re curious). However, one thing I didn’t cover was plot flags - purely because I believe they are...
  8. Hallowqueen

    Guide to Plots

    Howdy! In this thread, I’ll be attempting to cover as much information about plots as I can - since Prison and Creative are the only game-modes to have plots, this guide should apply to both. Claiming a Plot: To claim a plot you are standing on, do /p claim. If you’re unable to find an...
  9. free build!

    ./p h gibae_ 9 for a free build !! come stop by and make anything!! im currently making a place to sign
  10. Cruggs

    Finished skyrim dragon!

    Whoop Whoooop!!!!! I finally got it done but I can't fit it on my screen in one go :[ You'll have to see it for yourself! do /p h Cruggs 5. Then you can see it for yourself. I spent a long time on this build and I can't wait to do some more building! The only problem I have is I can't fit the...
  11. Basic creative

    To get a plot do /p auto and start building whatever you desire! /msg <username> to privately talk to someone, /plot chat or /p chat to talk within your plot only, type the command again to talk in global /tpa or /tpahere to teleport to someone or have someone teleport to you. W/E COMMANDS: do...
  12. Cruggs

    Lemon :]

    I don't think he's gonna be too happy with me after this one... @iLemon @snw
  13. Cruggs

    Skyrim Dragon

    Ok. I was thinking and I'm gonna do a big build. I might use help from Ted. It's a massive Skyrim dragon that'll take a while, although I'm not gonna use a printer because that might just be a little cheap. I'm gonna do it by hand and make the whole thing. The only thing I need to be fixed is...
  14. Cruggs

    April Fools

    I HAVE A FATHEAD, but I'm also owner so I'm fine with that ;] Honestly, this owner thing makes the noobs on creative look more recognizable. Since their username is all gray, no one really pays attention to them, no they're blowing up the chat and everyone sees it lol. That would be kind of cool...
  15. AusDavid

    Most intense LC Build battle!

    Players have now hosted a build battle including Deezzzie, Cooookiemownster, Magillmanor, AusDavid and finally TheArxhxtxct1, Whoever comes out ontop earns bragging rights, Who will win? That will be decided on April 1st 2020! The builds are not all on creative, Cooookie and I have done our...
  16. Christmas 0%

    Recently my car/grandmas car blew up and it set me back on a project in creative. Honestly, I would love to have divine there are great little features that ultra players just can't get… BlueEyedSinatra, a friend of mine got a rank, I have had the same rank for a year and I can’t afford...
  17. AusDavid

    Creative's First RPG? big W.I.P

    Hello there players! My build team and I are allegedly creating creative's first RPG, for those who are not familiar with 'RPG' and may have confused it with 'RP' they are two separate things. The difference is RPG's can be hosted without a host, you can play it any time and progress as far as...
  18. Fexanity

    Mother language in chat

    so its been now that i've broken the rules a few times, and its been handled correct down. but now i stumbled on a rule i find a little weird. As soon you start to speak your mother language you get warned, if you keep talking your mother language, then you will get banned at some point. And i...
  19. wtfeverett

    Creative in a nutshell!

    Alot of people ask "What draws in so many player to LC creative?" I am here to awnser!!! Roleplays: Lemoncloud Creative is INFESTED with MANY roleplays, lots of people like them, lots don't too Skin-comps etc: LC Creative also has Skin comps and build comps which draws in more people! Lucky...
  20. clingySalad


    Dear Anyone Who Reads This, It seems that the majority of the Creative server is just role-plays. It gets annoying because the chat is spammed with ads and then goes dead because everyone is in them. I think it would be easier to make a server with plots, game mode changes, and the option...