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  1. AllForDog


    Okay as you all know Dtm is the new manager, but I'm not impressed at the moment with what he has done, because if I'm honest he has done nothing since he has been made manager apart from make some old staff who haven't applied staff again and i know some a lot of ex-staff resigned. However...
  2. Aaronenderman7 real

    THe adventure to save Lemoncloud - story - The Mind Controlling of ILemon

    Hello! This is a new story I am making. It is an adventure to save Lemoncloud from... well, you need to find out yourself! It was a bright, sunny morning in Lemoncloud. ILemon and all the staff members went to spawn and played games and had a meeting. But, just 1 hour before, evil intruders...
  3. Kiwi

    TP trappers/hackers

    TP trapping and hacking is becoming a real problem on the server, Maybe we should make every single hacker a PERMANENT ban. It is very obvious that you are not allowed to hack on the server. It say's it in the rules! And tptrappers should get a one week ban because you are not allowed to...
  4. Kiwi


    Why cant you the LC team add an anti-spam plug in. Every day there is at least 1 spammer spamming there server name and it is very annoying.
  5. Kiwi

    Staff please answer

    OPFactions has been going down a lot ever since the reset, and I would like to know why this keep's happening. If anyone knows please respond.
  6. Aaronenderman7 real

    word after letter game thing

    this is a game I made up whenever I saw a word, the next person says a word from the last letter. Here is an example: dtm, mayor, rancid donut, tea, awesome, extra, amazing You can not say the same word that has already been used. Like this: guitar,run,no,optimistic,car,run. Any word can...
  7. XGuns

    I got lots of valuable items taken from me!-SBwater

    Today I decided that I was going to play some SBwater. When I joined I was surprised to see a premium (leppancake13) wanting to join someones IS. I thought I would let him join /is coop Leppancake13.When he teleported to the island he tp'd a freind in I got slightly suspicious by this. Then when...
  8. NiekGC

    My purchase are away with CLEARLAGG

    Hello, My purchase is cleared with clear lagg, 5x Legendary keys in sbwater I hope you can help me? Greats, NiekGC @iLemon @dtm @Chrisbeg @LemonCloud Support
  9. BlurryFace


    Hello pinKshad0weateR on creative kept on taping to me. I taped to her now I cant go into creative because it logs me off the game please ban this person and let me back on creative
  10. Tgrs

    Staff Spotlight |1st Edition | dtm Interview

    ~ Staff Spotlight ~ Welcome to Staff Spotlight! Staff Spotlight is a program that gives insight on the daily functions of the Staff team through a series of interviews. Our first Interviewee is none other than the Manager of LemonCloud, @dtm ! ~ Staff Spotlight Interview #1 | dtm ~...
  11. BearTheOg

    Denied Skywars teams?

    IGN - BearTheOg What server / service is your suggestion for? - Sky Wars What is your suggestion? - For there to be another game mode where there are 2 players per island How can this make Lemon Cloud better? - it can open more game modes and bring more players to the sever Extra - I have seen...
  12. Sofiaa33

    I think leaving LC was a good idea

    i think leaving LC was a good idea cause I'm going to start a YouTube channel I already had 11 subs cause I used to make videos back in the day but they where crappy not edited at all and recorded on a iPhone 4 :P so I ordered a 65 dollar camera and 70 dollar umbrella lights and when those come...
  13. Sofiaa33


    So im leaving LC cause i feek like no one likes me i said i was leaving on OP prison and SBwater cause thats where i mainly play i made a list there was 7 people on prison that didnt even say bye there just like can i have your money or stuff and 9 people on prison said ok no one cares just...
  14. Sofiaa33


    2 Quick questions when is SBwater coming online and Why is it offline if a staff member can please answer these questions it would mean the world thank you Sophie
  15. Speedaay

    I need help

    Hello, I am working on a kit pvp server for me and my friends i wont give the ip for advertising reasons but i really really need help with a plugin and i dont expect you guys to send me the plugin at all but i was wondering how you made it so you can have 1 kit per life if u can tell me a...
  16. Jerald

    Credit Card Purchasing

    I would like to let you know that there is something wrong with purchasing items from the store with a credit card. It keeps declining me even though I have more than enough money to buy the item. I called my bank to see if the problem was on their side but they said that they are approving the...
  17. OllieBell

    Where Do U Apply For Staff?

    Where Do U Apply For Staff? Please Answer!
  18. Spike


    sorry i have got help now :D
  19. Minion65

    Staff Application

    I was wondering if I can apply to be a staff because we've been seeing people scamming, hacking, /Ah scamming, and griefers lately. Thank you for being good staff and all :) I appreciate it Why I Want to Become Staff: I love Skyblock so much that I'm really active and all I love the people...
  20. oxzcodone

    Snw?!?! Where are you!!!

    Wheres @Snw! He's not a mod. He has no profile posts. What happened?!??!??