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  1. LethalLion


    It's me Ferociity, im currently waiting for dtm to give me my $40 gift voucher for voting. i'm using this forum account because my other one is not working. Please give it to me asap <3
  2. Poman

    Its time to say good bye

    As a lot of you already know I am saying goodbye to the server. Factions is not really fun anymore mainly because not many people play it. I was the leader of Kmart (at one point the strongest faction) but that faction has now died due to many of the main players being banned for community...
  3. _Anti_Virus_


    I Know i have been a total D*ck to a staff member recently because of me being stupid and getting muted and sorry @iDrifty I Know you was just trying to do your job nothing else and if im still getting banned for ''Community disruption'' I Want a fair few reasons why cause hexified has been...
  4. XrowGamer

    invisibility potions should be allowed

    Hi all, i am starting a petition about the invisibility potions should be allowed because in the end its a vanilla potion and its part of factions to do an invisible raid and they are so fun so if you agree that invisibility potions should be allowed please comment down below I Agree. thanks...
  5. _Anti_Virus_


    If any of you have ever been banned and when your ban ends you still can't login to LemonCloud. I hope a staff sees this :D @VoidWhisperer
  6. Mc9033

    Denied Cannon Server

    IGN - mc9033 What server / service is your suggestion for? - OPfactions, Factions What is your suggestion? - Making a cannon server on Lemon Cloud How can this make Lemon Cloud better? - I think that this can make Lemon Cloud better as it gives people opportunities to modify cannons and test new...
  7. shcute

    Idea for ranked players!

    This idea originated by TechnoEnderman and Myself. What about Legend islands? For legend rank we can have a command called the /is create Legendary where it makes an OP island. Because personally 50 USD Is quite a lot when you don't get much this is just a suggestion don't hate thank you <3 When...
  8. CrazyAim

    Opfactions Lag

    Can we please get something done about the server lag . its gone to the stage where i cant even pvp now
  9. iGhonuTheGreat

    My opinions on the state of LemonCloud.

    Hello. My name is iGhonu. It is unlikely that many of you are aware that I once held the role of Helper, Moderator, Admin and Manager here at LemonCloud during a period from 2014-2015. It is inevitably true that LemonCloud is at its apex, and is larger than it has ever been before, peaking over...
  10. Zombiekill256

    Opfactions broke- what we want!

    Sponge that dont just turn to wet sponge. Stackable mobs of, crushing large amounts of blaze or any mob causes others to lag and possibly lag out. Better cannons plugin, or fix the ticks as just dont work at the moment. When you take damage of something etc falling to floor, running into a...
  11. Zombiekill256

    Iron golems broken.

    so basicly i made an IG farm (IronGolem) and they dont spawn in overworld so i asked in chat and loads others having same problem? this a bug or?
  12. Um what happend

    @iProfilez Said: I will talk this over with sr.Staff in the morning. ThreadLocked But nothing has happened please help? I can't reply to that thread because Profile locked it