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  1. duhgoat


    i was trying to make a grinder base recently and learned about core claims. so i was trying to do more coreclaims for my spawners but when i tried it chat said i have reached the max which was one claim. So i just wanna know how do i buy/ get more coreclaim than one?
  2. synvale

    Factions and some other topics

    Hello, I just wanna start by saying this is no hate to the server or it’s staff. I’d just share my thoughts and help the server. I’ll start now Factions: factions is personally home for me and I haven’t played it for long, ranks seem to be the staple of the game mode and the same with the rest...
  3. oMaxy

    Selling + - overworld corner (Normal factions)

    Seeing as there is no factions sub-thread yet, I'll just post in here. I'm selling the +,- overworld corner for anyone who wants it! I'm looking for a rank as payment starting at Mage but obviously the highest rank offer gets it. Message me on discord: MaxyPad#0525 ;)
  4. wiiwiisock

    Factions recruitment

    Is anyone recruiting for factions when it comes out? I used to play like 5 years ago (owner of top fac btw:cool:) and I'm hype that I'll be able to play again, so let me know if anyone's recruiting (or wants to start one w/ me and some friends)
  5. TheProGamer76

    Op Factions??

    Hello, I want to make an OP faction!! I play this all the time my account is TheProGamer76 but I don't have a rank because I am poor and I don't have any money!! Ok so what this is all about I want to make a really good faction or join one. I am very experienced with this server and I want to be...
  6. Ramzie55

    Closed Suggestion - Factions

    User name: Ramzie55 | What server or platform is this suggestion for? Factions - Op-Factions | In 10 words or less, please briefly describe your suggestion. Change Hopper Quantity! | Please describe your suggestion in as much detail as possible. (Factions) Increase the Hopper Amount, from 3...
  7. JoeProKill2000


    Hey. Me and my friends have thought of a idea that could help out factions (and opfactions if they don't have). We should have the ability to set warps based on the number of people in fac. Maybe like 3 people = 2 warps, 5 = 3, 10 = 4, and 25+ = 5. Its just a suggestion that maybe u guys could...
  8. SRCmonster

    Faction recruitment

    ---------------------------- Walmart Is Recruiting ---------------------------- Please fill in the following application. Your application should be reviewed In 48hours max. If you are accepted you will be msged on discord. You then will be given an invite to our faction discord. You will be...
  9. Jxnsen

    Looking for faction next season! [Op Factions]

    Hello there, My name is DJ_PlayzMC_ Formaly know as Jensen, I am gonna be looking for a faction for next season on op factions, If you are interested please let me know via Private message or Down below! I am a good base finder and can be essential to bases. Thanks Cya around :D
  10. EarthToAccess

    We Need Members!

    ======================================================== Helloski! We're in need of some new members! Well there, handsome stranger! If you're looking for a faction, we've got you covered. If you're a new member who hasn't played on any other factions, you are eligible for iiUnited! Refer to my...
  11. EarthToAccess

    Hub /Server and Compass Unavailable

    The issue has started again. Using the compass and/or typing /server returns a server error saying "Unknown command. Type /help for a list of commands." You cannot use the "<server>" command either, leaving you stuck at the Hub.
  12. og_whizmas

    Denied Please please please change the shop

    I understand that it seems new and refreshing, and it isn't necessarily a bad thing. However, the new shop is absolutely wrong for factions, and it does not allow us to utilize it fully. In factions, the need to buy huge quantities of tnt and other supplies is crucial. With the new shop...
  13. Samel

    We need a new OP faction/Faction update

    We need to update faction/OP factions on lemon cloud.Others servers like The Archon and SaicoPvP are more popular then us. To get us more people on lemon cloud we need to get more popular and to get more people to buy ranks. Here are some things we should update on op faction/faction. *We...
  14. StealthWombat

    Denied Look Into Possible Moderator Abuse On Factions

    Hi I really like your server, but I have one concern. I have come into multiple instances where there was blatant mod abuse. For example someone teleported into my base on factions not through a nether portal. Another time we were being raided, and had enough power to keep us, and then like 10...
  15. SkyGregMiner

    OP Factions too OP?

    Hey guys! I wanted to start a discussion about some ways OP Factions can be approved. What I am about to suggest are just some ideas I have. I don't know if these would be good suggestions or not, but I want to see what you guys think about them first. As we all know, factions is very...
  16. SkyGregMiner

    Faction Recruitment For Reset

    Hey guys the reset is going to happen soon and that means its a fresh start. New factions, new places to explore, and lots of competition. Today I'm here to recruit competitive Op Factions players who are ready to take over Op Factions when the reset happens! To join you must meet the following...
  17. og_whizmas

    Rank Transfer/Upgrade

    Hi, I currently have the Master rank on factions, but I want LemonGod. Is it possible for me to upgrade rather than just pay full price? If not, would it be possible to give my Master rank to my friend?
  18. scoutninjoz

    Accepted Factions Reset + Other Things

    IGN: scoutninjoz What server: Factions What is your suggestion: I have a lot of suggestions for factions but I have one big suggestion, that we get a developer dedicated to factions, for the past month and a half I have been playing on factions, I have not seen one change at all. Factions...
  19. Auso

    Denied OP/Factions needs a fix

    IGN - ShyGuyWasNotHere What server / service is your suggestion for? - for both Factions and Op factions What is your suggestion? - To make the servers not be entirely pay to win, because right now it 100% is, you can't grind mcmmo that efficiently as you can only get mcmmo from grinding...
  20. scoutninjoz

    All The Things Wrong, That Can Be Fixed.

    I am going to be expressing my opinions and just showing the things that can be fixed in the faction server. Some of these things are just part of the gameplay that can make the server easier or more fun. Some of the things are bugs that are easy to fix. World Border: WTF HAPPENED HERE. Did...