forum games

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  1. OverGreatedGreta

    The Mind Reading Game

    This is the Mind Reading Game! You may be asking, how to play? The rules are simple. One someone on this must reply saying a question, like "What color am I thinking of?" or, "What number am I thinking of?" Now, write the answer to that question on a piece of paper, as it may take more then a...
  2. Aaronenderman7 real

    Only 1% of you can see this line _____

    Dat clickbait doh! Comment your own clickbait! lol
  3. Aaronenderman7 real

    Favorite Staff (no offence to anyone)

    Hello! If you play LC, you must have at least 1 staff that did something for you or is just your friend! Tell me who ur favorite staff is and why! Mine: ILemon. Not just bc he is owner, bc back in 1.0, u were supposed to have a rank in both Sbwater and Sbfire if u buy a rank for one of them...
  4. festiveloser

    Relatable Moments

    In this thread, you try to come up with a situation that the person before you might relate to. For example: Being in a quiet room with a bunch of people then getting up and the couch creaks and everyone stares at you until you walk out of the room. This happens to me alot lol. So that's...
  5. ThatsNotMehName

    Name as many youtubers who play minecraft.. ;D

    Now this is a game where you have to name as many YouTubers who play Minecraft. I'm going to give you a head start. Stampylongnose Dan tdm Ballistic squid CreepersEdge Ohtekkers ect... I am going to give everyone a whole day to name as many as they can and who every names the most gets 2...
  6. festiveloser

    Funny Fake Bug Reports!

    This is a game where you follow the format of a bug report but it's not a real bug. Here's mine! Your in game name: _xXFairyXx_ Server this bug/problem is on: Forums Detailed explanation: It make me cry Evidence screenshot or video: Extra: :( :'( ;-; Imma die if this isn't fixed
  7. xXRainbowBlazeXx

    Continue the story!

    All you have to do is continue the after the person above you with ONE sentence! Enjoy! I'll start: Once, there was a pink crab..
  8. xXRainbowBlazeXx

    Funny Front Bans!

    So basically, how this works is that you post a sentence explaining why the person who posted in front of you should be banned. This is just a funny forum game and no one should take it seriously. Well, lets get started!
  9. xXRainbowBlazeXx

    The Name Game!

    So basically, someone says a username of someone and then another person says another username that has the first letter of the last letter of the first username. Example: Lemon 1: @CryForKills Lemon 2: @sys Lemon 3: @System Ok lets start xXRainbowBlazeXx
  10. ShadowQween

    Typing with one hand

    Okay this is a simple forum game. All you have to do is wr ite a sentence or sentences.And then write your time.Something like this. This is a random sentence,and i can't think of a sentence for the example. 1:07 So it took me a minute and seven seconds to type that sentence.So yeah lets...
  11. festiveloser

    The Question Game

    Hi this is a fun and simple forums game. The way you play is one person starts by asking a question then the next person gives a silly answer to the question and asks a new question. For ppl that don't understand, here is an example. Person 1: Why do elephants have feet? Person 2: Bc ppl have...
  12. ShadowQween

    Name a manga or a anime

    It's simple actually.All you have to do is name a anime series without looking up what anime or manga is.If you are a random person named eric (sorry if there is a eric) well eric he cant say the same anime more then once.Please do not repeat the same anime or manga if you are the same...
  13. Netiverx

    Meme battle

    It's time for..... MEME BATTLE! In this forum game, you will upload Minecraft memes in your post directed toward the poster above. For example... This meme right here is directed towards me. I panic a lot. XD Good luck, Happy Posting, and my memes will always...
  14. ShadowQween

    Truth or Dare

    Truth or dare This is simple.The person would tag someone and they would come on (hopefully) and they ask the person truth or dare and if they say say truth he/she would ask the person a question about them and ONLY something about minecraft unless its this question "Do you have a a crush?"...
  15. Wetting

    Hold "o" for as long as you can hold your breath!

    (I messed up the title, it was supposed to say "Hold "o" for as long as you can hold your breath") I think the title says it all. Buuuuuuuut, just incase you're still confused. I'll explain it. I know some people know this game, and it's basically like you hold onto the letter "o" on your...
  16. SuperBlobfish

    Word Box #1 (3/6/16)

    Hi everyone! I wanted to make a fun game where people on the forum could compete for fun! Here it is: Posted below is a 4x4 table with letters in each box. Set a timer for 1 minute 30 seconds. Connect the letters to form words during that time. The longer the word, the more points it is worth...
  17. XxQueenEilidhxX

    2 Words Game

    So I've mixed up the 1 word game to make the 2 words game see if you can try one day