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  1. Krazztar1

    [BUG] Death Trap In Mines

    Firstly, I will admit that I don't remember 100% if this happened on LemonCloud or another server, but it's important to investigate nonetheless because this did happen to me, and it's a 50% chance it happened on LemonCloud. So I joined prison for the first time and started to mine. But as I...
  2. JoeProKill2000

    Crate bugged

    I bought a legend crate for 500k and its bugged. IGN JoeProKill2000. Can u replace it?
  3. EarthToAccess

    Hub /Server and Compass Unavailable

    The issue has started again. Using the compass and/or typing /server returns a server error saying "Unknown command. Type /help for a list of commands." You cannot use the "<server>" command either, leaving you stuck at the Hub.
  4. PeatRomanMC

    Can you please fix this glitch!

    Soon after getting the warlord rank I found this glitch. When ever you use the command /heal it turns off you /nv
  5. Evasionz

    i glitched out lol

    I glitched out on a chair. This was the result:
  6. vote crate bug

    there is a bug when using vote crates and while its running and exit the crate you have a lot more chance of getting valuable stuff like banknotes or spawners. i want to ask for a fix because it is too easy to get money, spawners or kits.
  7. UnknownJag

    Super Key Glitch!

    Does anyone have any Super Keys that are Glitched? Cause I do and they don't work but I don't know why if you know please comment down below cause I don't know what to do about it! Thank you -Jag
  8. brandonworld2

    I died when i fell out of the island and lost my stuff!!!!

    I was mining in my base and i fell into the void with my OP pickaxe my silk pick and all my gear Can you please explain how the hell this happend when im meant 2 be teleported 2 spawn when i fall into the void i lost all my gear im so angry Now if possible can my player be role backed...
  9. Coreyb319

    Lost my 10 extreme keys /spawning

    I bought 10 extreme keys and they were in my hotbar. I /spawned later with them in my hotbar and when i appeared at spawn they were gone... Why did this happen i just lost my money from this glitching on me. I play on sbwater ign coreyb319 Pls answer because i am confused, and mad as to why i...
  10. Crowned_Felines

    I'm Having Issues with my Spawners

    IGN: Crowned_Felines (aka KingQueenHelper) Gamemode the issue is found on: Survival Explanation: My spawners never had a problem working. I decided to move my spawners to a different location because I have expanded my claims. After I had placed them as should be, none of them...
  11. Giraffescangame

    Island Problem

    There are two sections of my island that are glitched or something, can it be fixed or should i just get a new island? Also has this happened to anyone else?
  12. shoedogodo

    Shodomelon's Iron Golem Spawner Glitch

    If you go to Shodomelon's island, you can find a big igs trap, with an igs in it, but when they spawn they disappear, please help me
  13. MVP_Pro123

    I need help!

    my username: MVP_Pro123 Reason: I'm stuck at the edge of the world in the nether and keep getting kicked by console! I cant move or anything, because I get kicked after like 5 seconds! (Edge of world on top of the nether) Link to Recording: Will be uploaded in about 5 minutes
  14. Bug/Glitch; chat

    Hey guys how's you? So I'm experiencing this glitch in whenever I try and send a message into the global chat I receive in red letters"Cannot send chat message". This only affects global chat, commands are unaffected(thank Jah)
  15. obart02

    Is this normal?

    When i kill someone it says (+5$) in the Chat, but i dont get the Money always... Most of the time im not getting it. When i Vote i dont get the Money too My first Forum thread, pls. correct me if i did sth. wrong :)
  16. HatlessMagician

    Fall Damage Glitch

    I need help! For some reason, when I'm in the overworld, I can't take fall damage. I don't experience this glitch in the nether, end, or any of the other servers like skyblock. I need this fixed so I can level up acrobatics, and so I don't have an unfair advantage when say, running from someone...
  17. Miss.Jee

    Balance Reset to 0$ Even After Reset

    I know everything got reset and all the other day, but I get on today, after the major switching of side panels and notice my balance is 0$. I do /bal just to see if it is a bug and it isn't. I have voted 15 times since the reset and hoard my money, I was at about 800k$ because of voting and...
  18. ComputerCraze

    Has anyone had problems with disappearing blocks?

    I have a redstone structure on my plot and after a while one of my pistons disappears randomly, and is replaced by something that looks like air, but cannot be placed on. I have to use WorldEdit to delete it, and although I love supporting the server, WorldEdit lasts for only an hour. Is there...
  19. qwanby

    Complaint Falsely muted

    Hey I was falsely muted on pvp today. Normally, i wouldn't mind. But, as i have announced before, i am going to apply for staff in December. So this is kind of a big deal because i have been trying to cut down on the mutes. The last chat i remember saying was "1v1 me TheThugsLorg" And then i...
  20. Valuable Ores spawning from a COBBLE generator...

    So, I don't know how this happened, but I made a cobblestone generator and it started spawn valuable ores. It spawns cobble but it also spawns; Iron Ore, Emerald, Coal, Gold Ore, Lapis, and Redstone. I know this isn't normal, but has anyone else experienced that? Is it a weird glitch? If any...