hacker report

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  1. Maybe a Hacker in SkyBlock Water

    About 15 mins ago (8:30 am) someone said that someone was hacking (auto-farm). I teleported to this guy that is saying that and i told him it does not look like that but he still think he is hacking. To be sure i recorded this guy. Any stuff member please take a look at this guy, maybe he is...
  2. MaxSoko


    Hello, my name is Max. I have been playing lemoncloud for a while know and i have seen MKH12 Copy what im saying in chat instantly and have speed hacks, he doesnt have a rank and he always follows me, can a admin watch him and prove me right so you can ban him?
  3. Terminator666x15

    Hacker *List*

    So I decided I should make this because you know why not! What this is is and put hackers in comments and some proof. If you don't have proof just lemme know I can get some! BTW We also need to report TP Killers here. If you look at my punishment log *Mutes were caps in PMs to my fac member ffs*...
  4. MasterJaredYT


    My cousin Xx_jusitn9736_xX is rude and i took screen shots the first one is when i made him leader for like 2 hours and this is the title he Gave Me! Then i told him on skype chat ill report him and he changed it back.It Hurt My feelings alot! This photo is him about to fly hack in the air i...