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  1. Bobstheman

    Hackers and Phasing

    Hey there to anyone reading, I play on the factions server, and as many of you who play on the factions know there are a lot of hackers. My base just recently got phased into (This can be proved because there are no holes to get into the base, there are no nether portals inside the base and we...
  2. Tigerdaddy


    Recently, there has been a new anti-hacking system called LAC. Many people think that this has been banning many sneaky hackers. Well. It may have, but it also has banned some innocent people. It's very sad to think this, but anti-hacking systems will always be slightly outdated than hacked...
  3. InsaneSlasher


    My Friends and I are were skyping and playing on your server, one of my friends gave 1 sword to some random player, we agreed if we give him a sword or tool we would have peace in between our factions then he made our faction enemy killed us and unclaimed our faction territory and claimed it for...
  4. TheRealToxinator

    Easily Catch Hackers!

    If you are playing a PVP Based Mini Game, If you run into a hacker and you want to catch them, never say anything about how you're going to be recording. The hacker won't know that you're catching proof to get them banned, therefore increasing the chances of the hacker leaving it's hacks on, and...
  5. MineclashGOD

    Rica and Moon are Haxors?

    Ricaflect and MoonLiteWolf were hacking on Lemoncloud Kitpvp at around 8:30 AM Est, date 15/3/16 Thats a video of them hacking
  6. MineclashGOD

    We need a better Anti-Cheat System!!

    I like pvping on Lemon-Cloud.... but... there are so many hackers. When i pvp late at night there are atleast 5-10 hackers online ruining the fun for all of the "legit" players. i would just like to bring to your attention that there should be a staff member on most of the time cause for 12...
  7. RansomedY_YT

    Hackers Galore!

    So I was playing KitPvP as you do, and was welcomed by many normal people, but also a fair amount of hackers! They got by: pvpbossXXXkiller, LeKikouDu3310 Note: the file with the video wont upload, if you give me an email address I will send you the video.
  8. Anarama

    LC Bans

    Has anyone realized how many hackers are spotted on LemonCloud? I don't understand why anyone would use a hacked client other that to ruin others time! Servers are for players to have fun and be equal while sharing rights online, so why would you hack? I DONT KNOW!!! I think Microsoft/Mojang...