help me

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  1. AbioticTitan947

    World Edit Wont Work For Me

    So, I wanted to fill in walls in my plot. So I voted and got WorldEdit. I selected the 2 positions and //set would not work! So I tried reloging.. and guess what? The axe wont work anymore!
  2. Aelynn

    Skin change

    Hello, I'm pretty new to this community and I wanted to ask if it's possible to change skins on the server (creative)- me and my friends need this feature so much. Is there any command to change it? Or is it not allowed?
  3. HttpUnknown

    [ Bug Report ] Minion

    ______________________________________Auto Miner Minion Can't Feed Can't Pick Up Can't Get Into GUI Broke Block Underneath It To See If It Would Fall Like Normal This Is The Second One That's Been Broken Tried Leveling It Up Last Night, Worked But Still LVL 1 But With Taking $500,000...
  4. Sophiaah


    Sorry if any mods consider this as spam but I checked the Lemoncloud Discord rules but I can't find the invite anywhere! Can someone please help me? :(
  5. lostburrythedog

    warp and disposal

    hello i was wondering if i could have some help getting rid of a small problem and it involves the signs that have warp and disposal in blue i was wondering if a legend could come on and get rid of them for me or well anyone in general cause they are placed in awkward places and they are...
  6. ZippyKnopMan

    How can I apply for staff?

    I've been playing on this server for a while, and I would like to apply for a position. How can I do that?
  7. Zminer92

    I'm Really Tired

    [Intro: Kyle Massey] Whooo! Yeahhh! Yeah. What's up? Go Cory! (Go, go!) Go Cory! (Go, go, go, go!) Listen up Here we go! [Verse 1: Kyle Massey] I'm the new kid, moving in Getting it done And I'm officially the candidate For having some fun You know [Background Vocals: Maiana Walsh] You...
  8. I Need Help....(Form Server Staff)

    Hello my name is Rowan My I.G.N is RowanPlayz I have had a problem with a I.R.L friend (His I.G.N is Aleexxx) .. I was added to his island and had 6 creeper spawners and Aleexxx and I had built a big cactus farm which had 1600 blocks of sand and cactus (so it was big) So we finished building it...
  9. Luck254

    Anyone knows this one?

    What font is this? Good Luck
  10. Mo15

    need help with disposal sign

    placed a disposal sign in an underground area what is going to be a fishing pool to dispose of materials while mining the room...but now that im replace the wall meterials i cannot remove the sign...i ahve tried to mine the block and axe the sign but nothing...can i get some help removing it?
  11. CGTGeorge

    i lost 18 voter keys

    so i was spinning a crates with the keys i saved up and then i accidentally clicked the stack of 18 keys and they disappeared what do i do or can anyone help me like a mod
  12. oSib


    I have a little bit of a problem in my town on Survival. Most of the houses and different things in my town are claimed by other people, however, they don't play on the server anymore so most of the things that people used to be able to do, I can't do anymore. This is a serious problem for me...
  13. Xemberite

    I Is Very Confused...

    I am so confused right now! I’ve been inactive in-game and in the forums since the 6th of June and apparently so much has happened! People promoted and demoted, icons changed, breaches… If you could, please read through this post of mine to help me understand the things I’m confused with. First...
  14. NickGamingFTW

    I keep getting kicked.

    I was digging out a place to make a new vault and gravel fell on top of me.After like one second of suffocating it kicked me. Now every time I join it kicks me. I saw once before it kicked me that I only had one heart left. I'm afraid that if I go on now I will die and lose everything. Please...