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  1. Kiwi


    Why cant you the LC team add an anti-spam plug in. Every day there is at least 1 spammer spamming there server name and it is very annoying.
  2. Kiwi

    Staff please answer

    OPFactions has been going down a lot ever since the reset, and I would like to know why this keep's happening. If anyone knows please respond.
  3. XGuns

    I got lots of valuable items taken from me!-SBwater

    Today I decided that I was going to play some SBwater. When I joined I was surprised to see a premium (leppancake13) wanting to join someones IS. I thought I would let him join /is coop Leppancake13.When he teleported to the island he tp'd a freind in I got slightly suspicious by this. Then when...
  4. Tgrs

    Staff Spotlight | 5th Edition | iEmmaz Interview

    Staff Spotlight Welcome back to another edition of Staff Spotlight! For those of you who are new to this project, Staff Spotlight is a series of interviews aimed at the Staff team to allow the community to see and understand the roles of each Staff member. Our next interviewee is none...
  5. Sofiaa33


    So im leaving LC cause i feek like no one likes me i said i was leaving on OP prison and SBwater cause thats where i mainly play i made a list there was 7 people on prison that didnt even say bye there just like can i have your money or stuff and 9 people on prison said ok no one cares just...
  6. Rolyth

    Bye good friend .-.

    Hey so as many as you probably know by now @Molyth is perm banned.. I just wanted to say my final goodbye to him. @Molyth I met you months ago and hah I still remember when we met you hated me but wasn't long till be became best friends. I'm thank full for everything you've done for me you...
  7. Yes I am Back (Kinda)

    Hello Everyone i know its been long but i know what your thing your thing about who i am and i am a very old player on this server and i would like to say hi to a couple of people like the mods and lemon hopefully you guys remember me but i have a few things to say i will not be getting on...
  8. GittyChicken

    Nothing important

    Plz checkout my suggestion/complaint I really think it's the best I've done and I think I'm getting better at it but anyway here's the link: Ok so as u can tell my IGN is @xX_YinYang_Xx I'm not very good at this whole forums thing...
  9. _aFF

    More Staff Urgently Needed on Survival

    Locking a thread will not stop players from voicing their opinions and concerns. After all, you've explicitly said that players should post on the forums for assistance. I've done that time and time again with no assistance provided. I understand that staff are players and they also have lives...
  10. _aFF

    Broken Plugins/Permissions

    Could the Survival server get some much needed attention to fix the increasing number of issues that are appearing? I know some players which have donated for a rank don't even have all of their permissions allowed by the rank. Tags and Pets don't work. Today, it appears that the mcmmo plugin is...
  11. Rollo1505

    Give back the money in front of you

    So i was saying i got 375.21 tril i ask tayber <<<< (moderator) if he can hold my money he said ok but only 300 tril So i gave him the money when i gave the money it said this person exceeded the amount of money but when i saw my /bal i got 75.21 trill so i did do /prestige so when i ask tayber...
  12. BestPwnz

    Kit Spawner Not Working.

    So kit spawner says that it includes acces to /spawner for a brief time to change your spawner. When you try /spawner it says u don't have acces. And it also says that kit spawner has a 1 day cooldown. But in real in the server you need to wait 7 days. Please fix this. @VeritasAtlas @Affixes...
  13. BestPwnz

    Redstone Disappearing And Stopping

    So I made on Skyblock Fire some kind of dropper system and all my redstone keeps disappearing/appearing and the repeaters keep stopping randomly please fix this. @iEmmaz @iLemon @JessPiece