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  1. ModPvPer

    cmon bro

    Staff can u read my staff apeal and send link form discord so i can join for ss and sl .... u cant ban me with no reason !
  2. GeniusAtHeart aka Marissa

    Staff Scavenger Hunt

    The object of this game is to try to find every staff member that works on LemonCloud. If you find all of the staff members online before three weeks from now, you win!!! :D Good luck, non-staff!!! <D
  3. rherhe


    im so glad there was a faction reset but I have 1 question : if its a ban reset if I have been banned previously would that not be in yr like data ???? or will u still see that?
  4. rherhe

    tp killing on survival

    people r tp kilign on survival heyitslora and savagemokeylike STOP they r not even getting banned like pllp have this rec
  5. rherhe

    hi guys

    the staff r so helphfull u picked good people ilemon
  6. rherhe

    thanks sm

    when I'm at school I'm SO BORED, I only get happy hwne its 3 o clock whe it finishes anyway thanks cause when I come hom ei go on lemon cloud every single day if possible its SO AMAZING
  7. Fear

    Lemon's Intro (Product)

    ;P Here goes nothing. Hope you like it. -Fear
  8. Echo_Pandaz

    Lemon Cloud is Dying.

    Hello-Server First off let me introduce my self my name is Echo_Pandaz I only play Sbwater and opprison. In the last phew days I have had detailed conversations about our server with past staff,quitting staff, and current staff, These staff have express there problems with the server with me...
  9. adamcraig25

    Hello, not letting me on to this server

    I am usually able to log on to servers fine, i can log onto any other servers, i have tried using all 3 lemon cloud ip adresses but none are working. would appreciate if anyone gives me help on getting back on, many thanks
  10. adamcraig25

    not letting me join sever

    not leting me on server? it is say connection refused. is it the server thats down, my minecraft or have i been banned?
  11. Rand0920

    Denied Maybe a new command on the SkyBlock servers

    iLemon maybe i was questing myself if u can create a NEW command on the skyblock servers its /smelt if u type it you smelt all ores in your inventory like /block but maybe u need to have donor+ rank to do that, IGN: GewoonRobbe_be msg from: xXRobbe_beXx
  12. Carsin

    Mini SB-Water Giveaway

    Giveaway Announcements: Posting twice = Disqualification Winner will be announced on Friday 3/10 I will be putting all the names into a random generator and I will /msg you on the date of the giveaway if you won! How to Enter: IGN : (In-Game-Name) Why you want to win: Best Thing about...
  13. Aaronenderman7 real

    THe adventure to save Lemoncloud - story - The Mind Controlling of ILemon

    Hello! This is a new story I am making. It is an adventure to save Lemoncloud from... well, you need to find out yourself! It was a bright, sunny morning in Lemoncloud. ILemon and all the staff members went to spawn and played games and had a meeting. But, just 1 hour before, evil intruders...
  14. Aaronenderman7 real

    It's a Wonderful Server (Christmas Re-post)

    Like what I did with the Story Of Aaronenderman7, this story I made for Christmas has some errors. I am re-uploading this, with the addition of me fixing the errors. Thanks! "No one will ever like this server. I wish This server never existed!" Said Ilemon as he looks over his server. Until...
  15. Kiwi

    TP trappers/hackers

    TP trapping and hacking is becoming a real problem on the server, Maybe we should make every single hacker a PERMANENT ban. It is very obvious that you are not allowed to hack on the server. It say's it in the rules! And tptrappers should get a one week ban because you are not allowed to...
  16. Pandabin ToxicYT

    Denied Ranked Shops?

    IGN - Toxicbacon12345 What server / service is your suggestion for? - Skyblock What is your suggestion? - I think they should add ranked shops How can this make Lemon Cloud better? - It clould make it more easy to aquire items
  17. Pandabin ToxicYT

    Ranked Shops?

    Hey, I was just thinking if we should have ranked shops like a donor shop, premium shop,epic shop, champion shop, legend shop. They can sell different kind of spawners or cheaper items? Byee...
  18. dummiedude1000

    Idea! All Admin/Mods look here!!!

    Ok, so here's my idea, how about *dun, dun, dun, dunnnn* AN OFFICIAL LEMONCLOUD DISCORD!!! Just think about it! Mabye have a voice cannel and chat for every game! Please just look into it...
  19. Kiwi


    Why cant you the LC team add an anti-spam plug in. Every day there is at least 1 spammer spamming there server name and it is very annoying.
  20. Kiwi

    Staff please answer

    OPFactions has been going down a lot ever since the reset, and I would like to know why this keep's happening. If anyone knows please respond.