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  1. VSaucers


    I know it says in the rules that advertising results in a perm bad but, why isn't hacking? It's odd that an accident of "advertising" in my case could result in a perm ban. Instead of someone using malicious hacks, who can then come back in 30 days or even less if appealed. So, using Kill Aura...
  2. SRCmonster

    Management Read please (Other post was locked before I could fix spoilers)

    Hello, I've been playing LemonCloud on and off for the last 5 years. A main reason it is hard to play here is because the strict rules and no sympathy from staff. It is hard just to get them to listen. I understand that there job is to moderate the server but moderation isn't just ban them if...
  3. NinjaBree

    The English-only rule is unlawful and possibly illegal

    First, lets start with a real scenario. Students in a classroom in America were speaking Spanish. As they continued, the teacher told them "speak american. Our troops are not fighting for your right to speak spanish, they are fighting for your right to speak american (A.K.A English). This is...
  4. Gxrm

    ILemon's Birthday

    Happy Birthday Alex (@iLemon) and Have a Great Day! Thanks for giving birth to LemonCloud and thanks for making LC fun as possible. ~Be Sure to respond to respond to this thread if you haven't sent your birthday wishes to him!!~ Since Today was Alex 's Birthday, I was wondering potentially if...
  5. xDistrictJak

    Who's this guy?

    Anyone know who this guy is? hehehehehe lolzz https://gyazo.com/8a28b5d3f7a89fba260ff86adadb6496
  6. LethalLion


    It's me Ferociity, im currently waiting for dtm to give me my $40 gift voucher for voting. i'm using this forum account because my other one is not working. Please give it to me asap <3
  7. XrowGamer

    invisibility potions should be allowed

    Hi all, i am starting a petition about the invisibility potions should be allowed because in the end its a vanilla potion and its part of factions to do an invisible raid and they are so fun so if you agree that invisibility potions should be allowed please comment down below I Agree. thanks...
  8. Mc9033

    Denied Cannon Server

    IGN - mc9033 What server / service is your suggestion for? - OPfactions, Factions What is your suggestion? - Making a cannon server on Lemon Cloud How can this make Lemon Cloud better? - I think that this can make Lemon Cloud better as it gives people opportunities to modify cannons and test new...
  9. shcute

    Idea for ranked players!

    This idea originated by TechnoEnderman and Myself. What about Legend islands? For legend rank we can have a command called the /is create Legendary where it makes an OP island. Because personally 50 USD Is quite a lot when you don't get much this is just a suggestion don't hate thank you <3 When...
  10. Antonio_Plays

    I bought a 50 FactionBoost

    So I dont know what happend but I bought a 50 Point factionpowerboost about 5-7 months ago, so I log in today and I see I dont have them. Can someone explain if there was a reset on that or what happened. (I still have my kits and /fly I got from the shop) (I bought them with the voting coupon...
  11. iGhonuTheGreat

    My opinions on the state of LemonCloud.

    Hello. My name is iGhonu. It is unlikely that many of you are aware that I once held the role of Helper, Moderator, Admin and Manager here at LemonCloud during a period from 2014-2015. It is inevitably true that LemonCloud is at its apex, and is larger than it has ever been before, peaking over...
  12. _aFF

    Status of Survival

    Is there any progress being made to fix any of the numerous issues with the survival server? I've tried posting these issues in the more appropriate places,but it seems as if that warrants no attention. There also needs to be a staff presence on the survival server as many rule breakers and...
  13. SamuraiCat

    Complaint Rank

    Around 2-4 P.M. on December 27 someone purchased me legend on sbwater, and after 10-12 hours, I still have not received my rank and am not too thrilled.
  14. will hester

    lost items

    i have lost all of my money and my homes and i demand something to be done what is going on i did nothing to lose any of my stuff i have spent so mucht time and money on this server and now its all gone just like please fix something
  15. Karmonic


    Who is anonymous???? he was never on the voting top 20 and all of a sudden hes up there with so much votes ahead of everyone.
  16. Karmonic

    Idk if its abug or something.

    I dont want to misuse this so im posting it if im alolwed to or not. TY, i logged on after restarting my mc and it said i have fly enabled when i never had it.
  17. Antonio_Plays

    Did not get Vote Keys Yesterday!

    I swear I voted Yesterday in the 3 voting links of LemonCloud...for some odd reason I dint get voting keys or the things it includes...aswell has my votes did not tally up in my list has if I had not voted that day!! Please help!!
  18. MrStealYourIron

    Complaint Store

    I made a thread yesterday I got 0 Feedback and it got deleted by someone so here it is again. http://imgur.com/ffvN8aQ As U can see the Prices are broke
  19. Nile

    Kit Spawner not letting me use /spawner

    I logged on and got all my stuff like champion, fix, and /kit spawner that i bought. Later on, my friend asked me to change his spawner for him . I said "Ok" because it said in the /kit spawner that i can have access to /spawner. Then it says "You don't have permission to view this type of...
  20. MrStealYourIron

    Complaint I am so confused atm

    So I was browsing the store begging my mum for legend (I got it) anyway I was looking at the sidebar and I saw this.http://imgur.com/ffvN8aQ I did the editing with paint just to show my confusion