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  1. Toqsted

    My Introduction

    Hi, I'm newer to this server and I've been playing a bit for the last month and I haven't made an introduction yet so why not now. My ingame name is Toqsted but I go by gage (my irl name, I prefer this over my ign :)) I haven't been very active over the past month but now that it's finally...
  2. gibaes

    more about celestia/gibae

    i am 14 years old, i have applied for staff 2 times and i plan on working towards staff later on, due to personal reasons. i love music!! so much,, indie and alternative are my favorites and i have seen twenty one pilots in concert, i was going to see melanie martinez but then coronavirus...
  3. iRxles

    mcmenrm / GeniusRiles' intro!

    Howdy, y'all! My name's Riley, aka mcmenrm or GeniusRiles on OPPrison. I'm 17 and based out of Dallas, Texas. I'm currently a high school senior, and I plan on majoring in Music Performance once I graduate college! I love music - both playing and listening - art, photography, movies, and video...
  4. IgglePiggle2104

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi my names Kaleb I am 17 years old from Australia... My MC name is IgglePiggle2104. I have played Minecraft for about 6 years and only just started getting into it again. Just joined the server it is one of the few US servers that I receive good ping here in Australia, the server and website...
  5. Kaynak74

    Kaynak's Introduction

    Hey everyone! I'm Kaynak75, and I'm here to introduce myself to Lemoncloud. My name is Alex, I'm 16, from New Jersey, and my favorite color is red. I was raised to believe that family and friends are the most important thing in life, and they are. I try to be as nice and patient with others...
  6. Fear

    FatKyle's Intro | Fear.

    I hope you enjoy it man! Sorry for forgetting about you.. xp
  7. Fear

    [Intro] New style. New intro

    Is this good? -Fear
  8. goatpuns

    It's been a while...

    Hey you guys, I'm back from the dead (at least for the time being.) I doubt I'll be on the server much but i was just wondering if there were any old members still on here from when i was ? :) anyway, i havent exactly been active since January or so, at least on the forums, and it's an...
  9. Fear

    Lemon's Intro (Product)

    ;P Here goes nothing. Hope you like it. -Fear
  10. Fear

    Making Lemon's(Owner) Intro! [Preview]

    What do you think??, I would like to know your opinion. Disclaimer: Be aware that I'm doing this for pure self-amusement Lemon is not involved in the decision of making this. -Fear
  11. Fear


    The main post is in General due to having 2 same posts that are practically the same
  12. Fear

    Does this look fine?

    Give opinions o<o, please
  13. GoonX

    Hey Guys

    Hello my Name is Michael, I'm 15 turning 16 soon!! (June 12) I live in The U.S california. I been playing on this server for a while now and I thought you guys should know a little about me. I would love to meet some new people so feel free to contact me anytime. Thank you for checking out my...
  14. BigNoahhh

    BigNoahhh's Intro

    Hey guys! My name is Noah(aka BigNoahhh) I play Lemon Cloud a lot XD Some things to know about me! - I am 18 - In college getting my associates degree in auto tech then going off to take my test for my certification to become a master technician. After than going to the school of NASCAR! - I...
  15. SnitchInHood

    OpticFyre5 - Introduction

    Hey! I am OpticFyre5 just a casual player on LemonCloud. Before I go into depth I just want to mention, that I am new to the forums but not to LemonCloud as a server. Okay now lets get right into it. I have been playing Minecraft for around about 3 years now and It is definitely one of the best...
  16. My LATE Introduction

    Hello everybody! I am very sorry about how late this is. But here is my introduction! You can call me Stella (Message me for my real name and Ill tell you if I trust you enough), I mostly play on sbwater but Ill play on other servers sometimes. I am a straight, 16 year old female, I am also very...
  17. JarleyQ

    JarleyQ's Intro

    Hii, I'm new to this server, and so I decided to make an intro so you guys know a little bit more about me :D So first of all, JarleyQ is just mixing Harley and J to make Jarley because J was the beginning of my old username on minecraft, and as you guys probably figured out, I LOVE HARLEY...
  18. Bonjour!

    No, I do not speak French, sadly.... Hey, I'm Divisi, but you can call me Adrienne if you like :) @Intern introduced me to this server, and all the wonderful people in it. I can't wait to meet all of you! I can already tell that this server has an amazing community, and I am hoping to try the...
  19. masterblocky50


    Hey there! My name is Zach, but in-game I'm masterbocky50! I found this server one day when I was bored and now I'm hooked. I play most days with my friend EnderGaming5544. I normally play on OP-Prison [Emerald] and touch factions a little bit. I have 2 cats and live in Virginia. I'm 12 years...