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  1. DaddyMike20

    To All my Artists on here, post your artwork in this thread!

    Hi, our community is a big one and I'm starting to realize how many people here like drawing / creating. So, Post your artwork under this thread, it can be any time of artwork (graphic design, painting, drawing, acrylic, mixed media..etc etc.) Maybe I should post this in general chat or...
  2. Minecraftdan1234

    (MCDan Intro) I wonder if anyone remembers me..

    Well hello there LemonClouders! I am writing my introduction again as it is the new forums, new profile and a new life on LemonCloud. I used to play here so often, but unfortunately I had home life to deal with, got bored of Minecraft, then came back, forgot about LC and started my own servers...
  3. xyellowfangx


    I was on a few minutes ago in an argument. If you look at the Lemoncloud rules, the whole no speaking other languages except english is stupid. I am a native Russian speaker. Just because I am speaking Russian in survival doesn't mean I am talking about bombs or terrorism. Instead of maybe...
  4. AitreniSky

    Denied New Server/Gamemode

    Hallo, IGN - AitreniSky (Soon changing to SaltyRivers) What server / service is your suggestion for? - A new gamemode into the server selection into the hub. What is your suggestion? - My suggestion is to add a new gamemode. This gamemode will be a gamemodes inside this 1 'server hub'. The...
  5. Minecraftdan1234

    [!] I'm here to help anyone! (Offical Thread) [!]

    (PLEASE VOTE FAIRLY ON POLL, PLEASE DO, ITS NOT FAIR ON ME, I ADDED A NEW OPTION) Hey, Im minecraftdan1234 or more known as MCDan on SkyBlock Water! I am legend so i can fly and do anything! I love helping with building, redstone, making and much more. Everyone knows me on skyblock water...
  6. StealthWombat

    Denied Look Into Possible Moderator Abuse On Factions

    Hi I really like your server, but I have one concern. I have come into multiple instances where there was blatant mod abuse. For example someone teleported into my base on factions not through a nether portal. Another time we were being raided, and had enough power to keep us, and then like 10...
  7. Fedora

    Accepted KitPvp

    Kitpvp, Lets talk about that; Now I have played Kit for a while now, and can say that I'm in love with it even to this day, but the newest features on there are not in good taste and I'll list the reasons why. Kits: You now get pots with your kit, Which is awesome when you think about it but in...
  8. Adoption_

    TeamSpeak Suggestion.

    Well currently i am in school learning product development and also javascript/html5 for my dreams of becoming a website developer. As a trial for myself i put the challenge of me learning a new source of code to see what sort of application i can make, i came up with the idea of making a...
  9. urboygoat

    Factions Episode 3 | "1v3 PvP Win!"

    An exciting episode on play.lemoncloud.org today! I jumped into a pvp fight between a few guys and it turned into 3 players vs. me... and I come out victorious. Hope you guys like the mix up of some pvp footage. I'm going to try and keep the series varied. If you haven't yet entered my...
  10. urboygoat

    Donator Rank Giveaway

    Hey guys iLemon said it was okay to do a giveaway for a donator rank on the OP factions server in appreciation for 100 subscribers on my YouTube channel! Once I hit 100 subs I'll make a video regarding the topic. I'll draw a name from the comments on the video some time in the next week. All you...
  11. urboygoat

    Factions Episode 2 | "TPA Trap"

    Second episode of my factions let's play on Lemon Cloud. Hopefully you enjoy...
  12. urboygoat

    Factions Episode 1 | "Free Loot!"

    This is my first episode of Factions on Lemon Cloud. Please leave some feedback on things I can improve on, thanks.
  13. Vunerable


    Who else agrees with me when I say there should be a spleef minigame on the server? The most popular servers generally have this so I personally agree with the idea of spleef on LC
  14. FexorX

    FexorX is back

    Yes, after a short hiatus (ahem, Lemon Firing me), I am back and better than ever. I hope that we can all put the bad things in the past and look forward to the future. I cannot wait to start donating again and holding awesome contests such and such. Firstly, I would like to apologize to iLemon...