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  1. FlamingLucifer

    Giveaway Hero rank and a /fly and 5bill

    Helloo sweety's, I want to give away a Hero rank, /fly and 5bill so people can enjoy their in game experience even more. This is on SBFire Fly is needed to build the farms. And Skyblock is just more fun with a fly. With the 5bill you can make a farm on your own and start earning money. I'm...
  2. Dimensionz

    How To Make Money On Survival (After January 2019 Reset)

    Disclaimer: Methods may change depending on when you are reading this post. 1: Mine Packed Ice. With the 1.13 update, there are ice biomes, which spawn lots of glaciers made of packed ice. Using a silk touch pickaxe, you can mine the packed ice easily. Packed ice sells for $960 per stack...
  3. CheezyPhantom

    Closed Don't make the Survival die ;(

    Ok, the new survival is great. But there is something that makes the survival very boring. It's the MONEY! After the reset, there is no "meta" for money. The spam clicking is gone, that makes the hunter job useless. All kinds of automatic farms like cacti and sugarcane are nurfed. The IG farm is...
  4. Jxnsen

    Giveaway for LemonCloud Store!!

    Yes! You've read it right! I will be giving away $5 for you to spend on the Lemoncloud store! How to enter? 1. like this post [don't have to but it does help your chances] 2. reply with your in game name 3. reply with your server you would want the item on 4. reply with the reason you should...
  5. maxobaxo01

    How Could I Improve my Profit shop? Suggestions?

    Hey I just need some Suggestions on how I could improve my profit shop and how could I kill the creepers faster I use lava if anyone wants too check it out it’s /is warp maxobaxo01 And also how do I get noticed as being a profit shop owner? Thank you!!
  6. Katawakii

    1 USD for 3mil Sbwater

    I don't really know if this is allowed or not but if it is, I'd like to do it, I have 5USD and I would like 15mil in Sbwater, if you want to do this contact me /msg katawakii or msg me on forums. Offer has now ended
  7. RowanPlayz

    The best way to make money!

    There are some really good ways to make money on the LemonCloud server I will list a few of these ways to help all the new people to the server: 1. Make a cactus farm: Cactus doesn't sell for much but it is a good way to get some money, (if you build a big farm you can make lots of money tho.)...
  8. iAfterlife

    Denied Custom Tags

    IGN - IGalaxyI What server / service is your suggestion for? - Server Store What is your suggestion? - Adding Custom Prefixs to names How can this make Lemon Cloud better? - Would add more profit to the server Extra - Adding in extra tags could be an awesome way to identify yourself. The...
  9. Goldore

    I need someone to afk for 8 Hours!

    I have a creeper spawner and i need someone to afk for me overnight! I will pay 560k (in game money). reply if you want to do it! Also a stack of steak! (i will pay you after the 8 hours if i have proof) Thank You!
  10. RowanPlayz

    HUGE SBWATER Giveaway xD

    Hello Everyone im doing a huge giveaway on SBWater All you have to do is rate this post :D (Comment) Name: Age: Rank: Fav Memory Of SBWater: 1st Place: x1 OP Pickaxe {worth about 2mill) 2nd Place: x1 IG Spawner 3rd Place: x1 IG Spawner 4th Place: 1 Mill 5th Place: 1Mill Enjoy <3 Dont forget...
  11. yoela

    Guide for OPprison HOW TO EARN MONEY#1

    Hi everyone! I am now a rank free player in opprison. I have around 7000 thousand for now and i m soon promoting to avenger. Maybe some of you said that my rank is not as high as yours but here are some tips that can help you to grow fast within minutes in this game. There are many many ways to...
  12. iAfterlife

    Denied Global Store/Custom Rank

    Hello! This is my first thread post and i had some ideas for the server. One idea is a /kit money. A lot of different servers have it and i think it would be a good idea for LemonCloud. Basically what this /kit money does is it will give you a random amount of money $1-$1,000,000 and a chance...
  13. CertifiedPengu

    Pengu's Loan Office!

    Hey Baes! I've recently acquired over 4 billion dollars from a player who answers to the name of Kenzie, so I've started doing loans! I can do loans up to 2 billion dollars, but due to my recently giving (what I think is) the largest loan in LC history, 2.46 billion dollars, I cannot do more...
  14. yokenman

    Denied Farmworkers and restricted areas on Lemoncloud SBwater

    I think that I would be col if you could make certain doors, chests, and areas private to a certain person. It would give a great aspect of working to make money, like emptying chests, or tending a farm. This would also come with a higher chance of griefing, but I think their should be rules...
  15. CertifiedPengu

    Mine Equivalent

    Hey guys! I'm Cert, and I'm a relatively new player on this great server (I think about 6 months, but I really don't remember). As this is my first post on the forum, I thought I would make a post about something people have been wondering about an overwhelming amount: What money mine is better...
  16. JakeNoot

    [Guide] Cash Earned In Mines Coal-Bedrock (Add-On To @XonXendren)

    Hi Everyone! As most of you may know, @XonXendren recently made a Guide with the average amount of cash moneys you get average per mines A-Free. I decided to add-on to this and make a guide showing the prices of blocks from the donating mines, Coal to Bedrock. In the guide, I will be color...
  17. JJCVIP

    best way to make money for beginner

    i am new to the server and do not yet known a good way to make money. can you please help me find out
  18. liam78654309

    Profit iron farm!?!?!?

    Hey Guys i wana announce for the next few weeks i will be making my iron farm a profit farm i dont know how much profit but i want to help people out so just /is warp liam78654309 or /is warp liam78 hope you come and make me sorta rich as well as you rich :p have fun Also if you afk it it wil...
  19. cowpuns

    Skyblock Money Making Guide!

    Hello Everyone! Many players have requested that I make my money method guides public on the forums. So, I have decided to release them! (Note: This is a much more detailed version than my previous book). These are the methods I have used to make all my money on sbfire and sbwater, and if...
  20. CanadianTheCat

    Best way to make money?

    Hey everyone I am wondering what's the best way to make money on OP Prison? Besides mining ofc is there other good ways?