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  1. Shoo


    Hello, its me your boy Shooninsi don't need to make this long its kinda tiring sooo hi I’ve played the server past few days. Skyblock is my Fav server and currently playing on Skyblock Water , if you guys ask how did i get here I just search it up on the Minecraft server list...
  2. Equinox_HD

    New Skyblock name revealed

    So at the daily restart, the spawn gui seemed to update, showing the legacy modes where they will be and the new skyblock that the LemonCloud team have been working on. And from just seeing the name I am already very excited for this new experience. Skyblock Space.
  3. Senpai_Tobi

    Its ya boi Tobi

    Hello everyone, my name is Tobi (formally know as Senpai_Tobi but my ign is GuardianOfRamen :doge:). I am not new too the server but I am basically a new person. I really enjoy minecraft survival and getting real into op prisions. If you see me on one of them, tell me "hi." I dont have many...
  4. SunnyElk


  5. Hedgehog25

    I need a new Profile picture

    If someone could make me a profile picture that would be amazing and id love you forever. I would do it myself however i am not talented enough for this task and would appriciate someone better at this to take a shot at this. Thank you and Love you all, Hedgehog (Ben)
  6. Eshloi

    Hiya, Earthlings :]

    I'm semi-sorta-maybe new to LemonCloud :D I mostly play on Creative and occasionally visit Factions. I've been on for maybe a week, maybe 2, so I'm not entirely new but more like.. I dunno.. A fetus? Yes. I called myself a fetus. How's that for an introduction? I'll continue to be around...
  7. PinkSenpai_

    GROUP - Meeting new people!

    HEY EVERYONE, I'm PinkSenpai_ but you can call me Pink <3 I have made this discussion so people, like me, can meet new people. At school I am going through some hard stuff and people haven't been particularly nice. I find it really hard to make friends in real life and I get lonely at times. So...
  8. Aaronenderman7 real

    Denied New Rank :3

    IGN - Aaronenderman7 What server / service is your suggestion for? - Skyblock What is your suggestion? - A new rank How can this make Lemon Cloud better? - There can be more fun with ranks! Extra - In Opprison, my suggestion for ranks after free got accepted. Now, I am making a new suggestion...
  9. Aaronenderman7 real

    Denied New Server Picture

    IGN - Aaronenderman7 What server / service is your suggestion for? - Server What is your suggestion? - New Profile Picture for Server How can this make Lemon Cloud better? - Newer picture would look better Extra - I joined LC in June 2015, and the same picture for LC has been there. Servers can...
  10. Aaronenderman7 real

    Denied New Years Celebration

    IGN - Aaronenderman7 What server / service is your suggestion for? - Server (all) What is your suggestion? - New Years celebrations How can this make Lemon Cloud better? - It would make LC for festive for the new year Extra - I did something like this a few months ago, but, I think that there...
  11. SnitchInHood

    Denied New Gamemode? - Parkour? - OpticFyre5

    IGN - OpticFyre5 What server / service is your suggestion for? - A new gamemode for the Lemon Cloud network. What is your suggestion? - Okay, I understand that this might take a while, or the idea might be denied, but I think adding some new gamemodes to Lemon Cloud would really help. Just a bit...
  12. New player question...

    So I started playing skyblock a couple days ago, eventually made enough money to buy a skeleton spawner, so I decided to make a pretty large mob grinder so go along with it. Do mob grinders not work? Also, do skeletons only spawn when a player is near? And finally, what is a good grinder for...
  13. For_runner


    Congrats new staff members! I'm so proud of you guys but I'm also here to say good luck as monitoring such a big server could prove to be a hassle. I hope the rest of LC treats you guys well! The ones who've I met so far today are so nice, I wish you guys the best of luck!
  14. Mo15

    Claim Expansion Help...

    Hello i am Mo15_SAMP...i have recently began playing on survival and have made a claim and started to smooth out the order to build my farming building and pens i require a specific measurement of claimed land (because i have adapted to a sort of "standard" when...
  15. WorldHateCenter

    The WorldHateCenter Says hello!

    Hello members of the LemonCloud Community! Let me Introduce myself a bit since i hope to stay here longer than just a few weeks! I'll kick off with the fact that i am not much of a talker so also this time i will ceep it short! My name is Bas(WorldHateCenter) From the Netherlands with a age of...
  16. GandalfTheTroll

    Just a chat (info,news,gossip)

    Hey guys post news and info here. Its like the server chat, just online! Enjoy :)
  17. DeathBringerFTW


    Hi, I'm new to this forum and I would like to introduce myself. I am a 16-year-old from Auckland New Zealand, I have a passion for design and if you need anything related to design I can do it (for a price) ;). Thnx Death.B
  18. iDrifty

    Island Design Ideas

    Hello, I have recently restarted my island on SBwater, I am currently looking for a new idea that is complex or very appealing , I want a design that issuitable for spawners grinders and walkways. Anyone who thinks they have a good idea or would like to help, pm me with a sample from creative :D...
  19. Alien14123

    Hola I am Alien

    Hello I am Alien14123 I just started playing this server today and I just wanted to say to everyone so people can get to know me Grade:8th Age:13 Birthday: Oct-3-2002 Fav Color: Blue Fav Sport: Baseball Pancakes or waffles: Waffles Fav Server: Survival I play around 2-3 hours a day Hope to see...
  20. Firekiller

    FAQ/Micro tutorials for new players

    I'm not going to do this a lot because that's not the function of these forums but sometimes getting players repeatedly asking the same questions or lacking knowledge of basic Minecraft features. So should I post some minecraft faq/micro-tutorials on the forums for players new to the game? Would...