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  1. LemonClout

    Favorite Song(s)/Music Type?

    I was wondering what everyone's favorite music type/song was. Personally, my favorite music type would have to me Lofi and Rap. Favorite song would have to be Shiloh Dynasty - I know you so well.
  2. Aaronenderman7 real


    When is the next reset for skyblock? The last reset for skyblock 3.0 was in August or something. It is coming close to the end of 3.0. For someone who joined in June 2015, after a while you start to look forward to resets. Olivechip and I have a great idea for 4.0 . If anyone knows when the date...
  3. Aaronenderman7 real

    The story of Aaronenderman7

    This is a re-upload of a post I made months ago. I looked over it today and saw SO MANY GRAMMAR MISTAKES! I have re-uploaded this so all the grammar mistakes are gone. You all know i am Aaronenderman7. A Ender Warrior. Here is my story... April 23, 1738 I was born today in Ender Castle From...
  4. ThePianoMan134


    Who do you think will win the super bowl? The Falcons OR The Patriots I personally think the Patriots because Tom Brady will not have anything to deflate this year!
  5. Eshloi

    Strange Frands are better than Strangers

    Okay, so, basically my friends ,both irl and online, sometimes make me seriously reconsider my standards for who I consider my friends lmao. There was a thread posted by a peep in this category and it reminded me of this thing that happened today so now I'm gonna overshare and hope you get...
  6. festiveloser

    What's your Pokémon GO team?

    Just comment your Pokémon go team and other info about your Pokémon GO profile/character thing. Well, I'll start! My team is Valor. My most powerful Pokémon is a Pinsir with 491 cp. Im level 6, very close to 7. Yes. My avatar looks nothing like me. I just thought it looked cool with the...
  7. BigNoahhh

    Make me an pfp?!

    Hey guys I was just wondering if someone wanted to make me a pretty cool pfp! Thank you if you can! :D
  8. ThatsNotMehName

    GoodBye LemonCloud

    Hola people, So recently I have been thinking about leaving Minecraft for a bit because I have realised how much my levels are going down in all my subjects I'm probably going to be coming off Minecraft until December so I can get better sleep better levels and better learning. But I hope...
  9. ShadowQween

    Making Skins.......again?

    Hey guys. Im ShadowQween I did a thread like this before and it got some really good. Please do not write anything on here other than your request. Please don't judge to badly on this. If you don't mind can you let me know on areas where I can improve and on areas that you think are good. Here...
  10. ShadowQween

    Need help with big decision!!!

    Hey guys!You might know me or you might.But i was wondering if i should change my username or not. Here is what I like: Nightcore Shadow/Dark Stuff Red,purple,black Anime and manga Fnaf Fruit Mmd stuff ( mainly about fnaf ) Minecraft Also I like ender dragons and enderman Slenderman and well...
  11. ShadowQween

    VERY VERY VERY LATE introduction

    Hello my name is ShadowQween.Well this is a very very very late introduction.I mainly play survival,kitpvp,sbfire,sbwater, and sometimes creative i haven't been on creative in a while.I am s glad on the people i've meet so far i don´t keep in touch with most of the people i meet but not my...
  12. festiveloser

    I Made This Thingy

    I made this using a template from a website. It features @magiical @belly @iMemu @Chrisbeg @CookieDaCookie1 @nooooooooot @CryForKills @HeyImJosie_ @JakeNoot and @BruhItzFairy <-------- She's super cool XD. Well, here it is hope you guys like it
  13. ShadowQween

    Should I Apply For Helper Soon?

    Hey guys I decided that maybe I should apply for helper.I was wondering what every one thinks.I dont know what else to say :P
  14. ShadowQween

    Making Free Skins

    Hey guys I cant play minecraft for awhile and I decided to make skins for players.If you want a skin made then please follow the format below.I make all my skins from scratch so sorry if it takes some time I might also do a bunch before I send them to you guys. Format Hair color: Eye Color...
  15. festiveloser

    Back To School, Yay Or Nay?

    This thread is to say if ur happy about school starting again. If you want you can talk about what grade ur going into and that kind don't of stuff. Well, I guess I'll start. I am excited about starting school again bc I'll be going into the 6th grade :) and I'll be starting at a new school. I'm...
  16. ShadowQween

    Making Skins For People On Here

    Hey guys. Im going to be making skins for people who want them.I know some people are already doing them.But I wanted to do them to do something for the community.Also im bored.VERY VERY VERY BORED.*cough*Ahem anyways.I make all my skins custom made.If they look similar to other skins they...
  17. ShadowQween


    Hey everyone.I bet a bunch of you don't even know me and don't care about this but yu can read if you want to.If you do know me then you can read if you want to.Anyways im gonig to be going on vacation next week which mean I wont be on here as often as I normally am.Anyways just wanted to let...
  18. ShadowQween

    The war bewteen cats and penguins

    I am so confused right now.How did this war even start?I think someone will get hurt sooner or later.And everyone can have there opinions but this is going way to far.People making a war and they are making it about cat's and penguin's i think this war is stupid.I hope no one will get hurt in...
  19. ShadowQween

    I have reached well-known member

    I have finally reached a well known member.I a, half way to my goal of one hundred.Once i reach one hundred i will sign up for becoming a helper.Cause when people sign up they have at least a hundred or more.So i will be trying to help everyone even if im not a helper.But i hope i can help your...
  20. ShadowQween

    Have a good day/night

    Stupid intro making a new one hehe