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  1. festiveloser


    Hello people of Lemoncloud. I'm Fairy and I want to talk about depression. Depression is a very hard thing to go through, especially at a younger age. (Ex. 12, my age) It is a very serious thing and can cause many other things to happen with said depressed person. Take me, for example. I was...
  2. Aaronenderman7 real


    When is the next reset for skyblock? The last reset for skyblock 3.0 was in August or something. It is coming close to the end of 3.0. For someone who joined in June 2015, after a while you start to look forward to resets. Olivechip and I have a great idea for 4.0 . If anyone knows when the date...
  3. Dragonfox

    Off topic

    I am Kinda new to forums (not lemoncloud tho) and I was wondering what the exact definition of off-topic was.. I'm really sorry if this was already answered :(
  4. Aaronenderman7 real

    The story of Aaronenderman7

    This is a re-upload of a post I made months ago. I looked over it today and saw SO MANY GRAMMAR MISTAKES! I have re-uploaded this so all the grammar mistakes are gone. You all know i am Aaronenderman7. A Ender Warrior. Here is my story... April 23, 1738 I was born today in Ender Castle From...
  5. CraftyLoui

    Anyone watched Maze Runner? XD just random

    Well I just recently watched Maze Runner and realized that maybe we should have a mini-game related to Maze-runner maybe but this isn't a suggestion this is just a wonder/dream because most likely it will be a no but if so i'm kinda sorry if you think this is the wrong format because this isn't...
  6. festiveloser

    I'M BACK!!!!!!

    (Lol the title is killing meh for some reason) As some of you may know, I recently took a break due to being bullied irl and on here. The bullying irl started getting worse and my parents took me out of school and now I do online school. Other kids called me names bc I'm American and I have red...
  7. festiveloser

    I need to talk to someone about life.............sorry

    Hey guys! As some of you may know, I moved to England a few weeks ago. I have already made some really good friends and I was lucky enough for 2 of them to be the one and only Max and Harvey Mills. But the problem is, I feel like I'm in a dream. Like if I go to sleep I'll wake up in my old room...
  8. festiveloser

    I MOVED!!!!! TO ENGLAND!!!! And forgot to tell you guys......

    Ss the title pretty much says it all. I dtil, haven't adjusted to the 5 hour time difference and it's like 02:48 am for me right now. England is amazing. It's gorgeous and green where I live. My private school uniform is kind of ugly. The colors are good though. That's it. Just wanted to make...
  9. festiveloser


    I crI If you are also in this tragic situation, post a picture and tag Cookie, Sorry, I mean Cookayy Lmaoooo @CookayyPuns
  10. festiveloser

    Ts makes me sad

    I cri
  11. ShadowQween

    People and not filling out the suggestons format

    Okay so I was planning on making a thread like this awhile back but then I decided you know what it is just a few people who don't do it"But now there are so many suggestion threads that people don't even bother to put the format.I mean I understand if you don't read the format, but honestly...
  12. festiveloser

    Crazy Animals!

    Hi. I have made this thread so that we can all post random crazy pics of animals! It can be any animal, insect, or spider as long as they are appropriate pictures. Well, I guess I'll start it off. That's me. Uh oh, accidental face reveal lmaooooo
  13. festiveloser

    Doing Gfx Thingies

    I will be doing gfx thingies for ppl. I'm gonna say it now, yes, I am using templates from websites. Don't hate just bc I'm using online, premade, templates. Well, here is the format for your request. What you want it to be: Who you want to be in it [their igns]: How many ppl you want in it...
  14. Katerbugs

    Embarrassing story time. . . ^^; was the last day of the week for school, so kids get kinda out of hand, kind of thinking they can do anything since they have the weekend ahead of them. I'm one of those people. First period: around 7:40 a.m. I had walked into the classroom with back pain from my backpack, as I...
  15. ShadowQween

    Taking a unwanted break from minecraft

    Hey guys.I am taking a unwanted break from minecraft.I cant play minecraft cause I have a cast on my left arm which I use for the wasd buttons. :( I don't want to share the details other then the doctor doesn't think I broke my arm but he thinks I did something to it which is why he put it into...
  16. Aaronenderman7 real


    Hi people, I would like to say how happy i am how nice staff are. Here is a Staff Rap: Staff, you aren't just half of the server population, recreation! The nice and kind attitudes, you are nice girl and dudes Helping people willy-nilly, you can also be very silly Giving all the people trophies...
  17. foxpuns

    Avatar Creations

    If someone makes me a custom avatar for my lemoncloud account i will give them 100 trillion dollars on opprison
  18. Charmanda_

    Don't You Dare Open This!

    Well why did you open this!, I told you Not to!, Well Your Here Now..... So Lets Play A game... Who Do i Know, Name Someone Famous and the person who coments after has to guess where they're from/what they do as a job, Idek I'm bored
  19. Charmanda_

    Anyone Wanna Talk? Whats On your Mind?

    Welp... My Wifi Is too bad to Play Mc Some I here to Hang!, Who wants to Talk.... I don't Think I bite!
  20. Mage_Mystic_

    Should staff have Donor perks?

    I mean, I get that they are still a normal person, and should still pay like everyone else. But, things like /autosell are nice, and maybe Staff should have some small commands like that, since they are partly running the server. I don't know. Just tell me your opinion on the matter.