op prison

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  1. _Aalice

    Some builds of mine

    So the first 4 photos are my first plot. /p h _Aalice I built this plot along time ago when I first got on this server. The last photo is my 2nd plot, /p h _Aalice 2 and I'm taking my time on this mega plot and planning to really focus on landscaping right now. I like how it's coming along so...
  2. DrinkBleach_XXX


    Oh my god where do i even start with this. I remember a simpler lemoncloud. One with lowkey awfull 1.8 support, like no mods or staff and nearly everyone on prison. Those were the good old days. Now its 1/150 like all the time (99% of that time its me kek). Can we please give it a major update...
  3. BigNoahhh

    Im Back!

    Idk how many people remember me but i am officially back and playing again! hope to play with all of you soon! missed this place.
  4. Bennie_Caal

    Some ideas

    Everyone who has been playing OP Prison for a while can agree that the gamemode is suffering from the giant reset. What we as a community want is to bring OP Prison back in it's former glory. We know that the staff is working very hard on making progress for the gamemode, but here are just a few...
  5. iiSimplyDontCare


    Hello! I recently opened a Vote Crate and I happened to notice that the only rewards were given were Iron, Coal and other "not too good" kits. So I wanted you guys' opinion. Should the staff members consider expanding the crates to include better items?
  6. Aaronenderman7 real

    THe adventure to save Lemoncloud - story - The Mind Controlling of ILemon

    Hello! This is a new story I am making. It is an adventure to save Lemoncloud from... well, you need to find out yourself! It was a bright, sunny morning in Lemoncloud. ILemon and all the staff members went to spawn and played games and had a meeting. But, just 1 hour before, evil intruders...
  7. Aaronenderman7 real

    Denied custom items in OpPrison

    IGN - Aaronenderman7 What server / service is your suggestion for? - OpPrison What is your suggestion? - Custom Items How can this make Lemon Cloud better? - It can help the 'economy' in OpPrison having people selling rarer items (Like what happened Last Year in skyblock with the easter basket...
  8. CertifiedPengu

    Ideas for /buy

    Hey Baes! I was just thinking that there should be an add-on (like for 10$ with the indefinite 50% sale) for /fly instead of having to buy bedrock. Many magnitudes don't have that kind of money to spend, and it would be really nice to just be able to buy it without bedrock rank. Let me know your...
  9. Aaronenderman7 real

    Denied OPprison free world

    IGN - Aaronenderman7 What server / service is your suggestion for? - Opprison What is your suggestion? - freeworld resets weekly How can this make Lemon Cloud better? - So little things like leather for enchanting for wool for building isnt the rarest items in the server. Extra - Ok, Tawie told...
  10. BigNoahhh

    Christmas Tree is made!

    Its almost done! I gotta put the fake presents under the tree and then on Christmas I will be giving presents out to the people I know! :D
  11. BigNoahhh

    Heads in pvp?

    Ive asked this question multiple times how you get heads in pvp. Is it still from looting or is it only staff that can drop them for you now?
  12. BigNoahhh

    Denied OP Prison obsidian rank

    IGN - BigNoahhh What server / service is your suggestion for? - OP Prison What is your suggestion? - Let Obsidian rank have perm fly How can this make Lemon Cloud better? - I don't know why Obsidian rank doesn't have fly. I have bedrock rank so this doesn't bother me but I have many friends on...
  13. BigNoahhh

    My Shop!

    Come check out my OP Shop! Many items that you can chose from! Also sell your cobble for 85k per inventory, Coal Blocks 1000 per inv., and much more!
  14. Mage_Mystic_

    Why did Obsidian lose /fly?

    I feel like I can be understandably upset about this. I bought the Obsidian rank for the full 75 dollars for basically /autosell and /fly. Even though we still have /autosell, /fly was a huge help, and taking it away just so you have to spend another 25 or so dollars is, in my opinion...
  15. CanadianTheCat

    Best way to make money?

    Hey everyone I am wondering what's the best way to make money on OP Prison? Besides mining ofc is there other good ways?
  16. DaneOle

    Hello Everyone :D

    Hello I was planing on applying for staff on this server but I thought first I should probably become a pretty well known member so basically my name ign is DaneOle04_YT, as some of you may know bot it would be fine if you just called me Dane. I am known to frequently change my nick so it may be...
  17. BigNoahhh

    Missing Items in my plot please help...

    I logged off for about 30-45 minutes to eat and go take the trash off and when i came back my afk pool had a whole entire armor stand with armor and a head on it gone... it was a really good player head too... How does this happen. No one has access to my plot rn either except for staff. please...
  18. BigNoahhh

    OP Prison PvP Pond

    Hey there! Ive always loved fishing in PvP on OP Prison but some players dont make it fun sometimes :/ sooo i decided to make my own pond!! FOR ALL PLAYERS! Come to /p h BigNoahhh It is all the way on your left in the back! Have fun and make sure to tell others! Thanks! BigNoahhh
  19. NaCl__y

    XWTWhiteFangTWX Scammed me 1T…

    S/he scammed me 1T in ah.
  20. Lemon~


    So..... OPPrison [might] be reset... when is it? Also, I have some questions. 1. Is your inventory reset? 2. Is your enderchest reset? Thanks for answering! <3