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  1. 0minec0

    Boxing spawners - meaning

    Hi, I've been reading rules and I've found this point in warnings list: "Boxing Spawners (Enclosing spawners in unraidable boxes) - 2 Points". I would like to ask, what is meant by unraidable boxes. Is OK, when we build a place in our base used only for spawners with additional walls to...
  2. UHackIBan

    Covering up spawners should be illegal next season.

    I think covering up spawners should be illegal since it defeats the point of factions. Factions is not Just about grinding its also about trying to get other people stuff. If u take that part of the game away by letting people cover up spawners. It doesn't Just take the point of raiding away it...
  3. Oof

    Closed Flying into/ out of Combat.

    Essential Information Minecraft Username: OofRekt Server Name: OP Factions Suggestion Information Thread Title: Flying into/ out of Combat. | Rule Description: So as most of us know flying into and out of combat can result in a ban. I would like it so that you can, but all while you are...
  4. TheProGamer76

    Op Factions??

    Hello, I want to make an OP faction!! I play this all the time my account is TheProGamer76 but I don't have a rank because I am poor and I don't have any money!! Ok so what this is all about I want to make a really good faction or join one. I am very experienced with this server and I want to be...
  5. OP factions nuisance claims

    Sorry to post this here, but i couldn't really find any other section of the forums to post this. First of all i would like to say I NEED HELP. I need help with removing some nuisance claims on opfactions. Our faction name is plantation and the enemy faction that we need to get rid of nuisance...
  6. SRCmonster

    Faction recruitment

    ---------------------------- Walmart Is Recruiting ---------------------------- Please fill in the following application. Your application should be reviewed In 48hours max. If you are accepted you will be msged on discord. You then will be given an invite to our faction discord. You will be...
  7. nxqeL

    Rankup to God or Warlord

    Hello, my name is nxqeL. I'm hero rank on OPFactions. I am searching for a person to rank me up to either God or Warlord rank for ingame items and money. The assets I would agree to trade for a rank upgrade consist of 2 Private vaults of Warlord armor (full durability) 1 Private vault of God...
  8. Isaac_YT


    Gosh darn it! On OPFactions we have certainly been raided. I was offline when this happened but @BHAWKS10 told me it was due to not enough power, then we were over claimed. I agree DEADLIEST did own too many bases and I think we should have sticked with only one base. Well hopefully next time we...
  9. Isaac_YT

    Reset During the Summer?

    Hello to all read this post, I was wondering if OPFactions could reset THIS summer. If the server if going to reset in the fall a lot of people will not be able to play because of school starting so if we could reset this summer more people could start again and have a lot of playing time during...
  10. Isaac_YT

    I am playing again!!!! And maybe recording!!

    After a very long time, I have not been playing on the server for about three months. I have missed playing on the server much. With school, sports, and other fun activities, I have not been on a lot and I am proud to say that I will be playing again. Soon I will start recording OPFactions for...
  11. GoonX

    Gap Lag

    When you pvping and you epearl away and try to gap for some reason it doesn't seem work, That's pretty bad because most of die due to this Lag with epearls. Sometimes gaps just lag when u try to eat one. -Night_Hawk69
  12. GoonX

    Giving Away 100k-500k!! <<spawners>>

    Hello there, Today I decided that I'll give some money away to some people that most need it. I might also drop some spawners so some of you can grind and earn money. -Night_Hawk69
  13. djstar25

    op factions

    anyone know how much each spawner is worth for total faction worth ex: faction value 18,000,000.00 spawner value 16,000,000.00 spawner count 16 how do i know which spawner gives which amount of money :p ?-?
  14. Terminator666x15

    Hacker *List*

    So I decided I should make this because you know why not! What this is is and put hackers in comments and some proof. If you don't have proof just lemme know I can get some! BTW We also need to report TP Killers here. If you look at my punishment log *Mutes were caps in PMs to my fac member ffs*...
  15. SkyGregMiner

    OP Factions too OP?

    Hey guys! I wanted to start a discussion about some ways OP Factions can be approved. What I am about to suggest are just some ideas I have. I don't know if these would be good suggestions or not, but I want to see what you guys think about them first. As we all know, factions is very...
  16. InfernoBeast12

    Denied OPFactions Buy/Sell Signs

    IGN - InfernoBeast12 What server / service is your suggestion for? - OPFactions What is your suggestion? - New Buy/Sell signs for shop. You know those ones on Skyblock? Those. Cause I know everyone hates having to camp at the buy signs and buy stuff that you need like inventories of, one by one...
  17. Auso

    Denied OP/Factions needs a fix

    IGN - ShyGuyWasNotHere What server / service is your suggestion for? - for both Factions and Op factions What is your suggestion? - To make the servers not be entirely pay to win, because right now it 100% is, you can't grind mcmmo that efficiently as you can only get mcmmo from grinding...
  18. Xemberite

    6 Months+ On LemonCloud and Giveaways!

    Hello everyone of the place called LemonCloud! You might know me, you might not. If you don't, hi and if you do, hi. This thread is all about my 6 Months+ Anniversary on LemonCloud! I joined the server in general sometime in May but didn't join forums until June 1st. I've been on more than 6...
  19. SnowdenDaChav

    Accepted /warp pvp for opfactions

    IGN - SnowdenDaChav What server / service is your suggestion for? - Opfactions What is your suggestion? - I suggest a /warp pvp be added to opfactions, although /warp end is a pvp place along with /warp nether, but these 2 areas are prone to people enderpearling and running, in a enclosed space...
  20. ObsidianFace

    Selling God Account

    Hey guys, I havent been playing on this server (and minecraft entirely) for about 3 months by now, and I'm thinking of selling my account as I no longer play minecraft anymore. I had purchased the God rank on OPFactions, but 35 dollars spent is 35 dollars spent. I believe that the rules had...