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  1. pigpuns

    Denied Scamming - money/item giveback rule *suggestion*

    IGN - pigpuns What server / service is your suggestion for? - All servers but factions (where scamming is allowed) What is your suggestion? - Improve the "no scamming" rule. (backstory): So just now, I helped @Tawie catch a typical casino scammer (on opprison). I paid 50mil for a supposed 33%...
  2. pigpuns

    How to make it stop snowing (forums)

    Personally, I love the cute snow effect. It's pretty cool. But, if you don't, here's how to disable it on Google Chrome / Internet Explorer. (Btw, this thread looks better in dark mode) - (If you've never touched a computer before, I recommend you don't try this. You could end up deleting...
  3. pigpuns

    so someone hacked my facebook

    so someone hacked my facebook acc that i barely even use anyway. but why i'm posting here is because: they literally loaded like 1000RUB into my account for their ads.. (idk why they didn't just use theirs) but you know me being me i literally created my OWN ADS for my youtube channel LmFaO...
  4. pigpuns

    Hey Are There Any Hot Girls That Want To Have Fun With Me

    I don't know how to react to this am i supposed to report this? put it in my signature? meme it? all of the above?? i mean tbh i was laughing at this for like 20 minutes EDITS:
  5. pigpuns


    StumbleUpon knows me too well:rolleyes: @jlh1000
  6. pigpuns

    [Tutorial] Shorter forum URLs!

    So, many of you may not know this, but there's a simple way to shorter forum URLs. This is really useful for linking someone to a thread in game through /msg or party chat, because usually the link is too long. Well, I'll be showing 2 ways. Method 1* (sorry for using the wikiHow layout lmao)...
  7. pigpuns

    the real OG setup

    after hours and hours i think i finally created the best setup... pls rate for sharing this gr8 setup thank and no hate plz @cowpuns
  8. pigpuns

    [Epic] for the price of [Premium] ($10 off) (TRADE)

    Ello! So recently, I've been getting into sbfire, and I want to do a rank trade, from sbwater to sbfire, or something like that. I have these 2 ranks on sbwater: (esc might pause the gif if it's annoying you) And I'm willing to trade the Epic rank paper for either a Premium rank paper on...
  9. pigpuns

    The Ultimate Admin Item Thread [RESET?]

    Ello m80s! I made this thread to show all the admin items ever on sbwater, including the old glitched trade items from like April. (not really bragging, just as an informative thread) What are admin items? Admin Items (made up term by me) also known as special items, etc, that usually don't...
  10. cowpuns

    Skyblock Money Making Guide!

    Hello Everyone! Many players have requested that I make my money method guides public on the forums. So, I have decided to release them! (Note: This is a much more detailed version than my previous book). These are the methods I have used to make all my money on sbfire and sbwater, and if...
  11. pigpuns

    What Pokémon Go team are you?

    So many people play Pokemon Go, especially here on LemonCloud... but I want to know, which team is most popular... and which is the best? Answer the poll and comment your highest CP pokemon! We'll see which team gets the most votes and who has the strongest Pokémon...