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  1. Crojrs


    I made a ban appeal 3 days ago and there are 4 days left to my sentence so is someone going to look at it or just wait until it expires
  2. manongirlstar

    admins pls read this!

    i am banned bij wave thing but i wasnt onlinne? how ? i was playing soccer and i am benned for nothing? can u help me i didnt do anything wrong? pls help me... i wasnt onlinne :(
  3. SLunn

    Anyone willing to buy me Warlord?!

    I am willing to give you 64 voter keys on sbwater, 64 voter keys sbfire, 5m opfactions 64 common keys on factions and 64 voter keys on survival. May change! Warlord please as it is on sale! *Edit: Also 15 stacks of obsidian for op factions! Tell me if you think I should had anything to this offer!
  4. SharkProGamer

    Totally Random

    This is so random but would one member of staff please log on to OPPrison and please can they throw me one block of sponge?? I totally understand if this is not allowed but I really would like a block of sponge <3 Thanks!
  5. ItsVesu

    12 h cooldown on website - 24 hours ingame??

    i am god rank and on the website it says that the kits have a cooldown on 12 hours but ingame it says it has a cooldown on 24 hours... please exsplain and fix this... i realy whant it to be 12 hours :D