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  1. iRxles

    Riles' LemonCloud OP Prison Guide for Noobs!

    Hey there! I'm Riles, and if you don't know me, I play prison a lot. So naturally, I'm gonna have some great info for new and old players alike to help them succeed! (P.S. If you see me online, feel free to say hello!) One of the most important aspects of OP Prison is ranking up. This feature...
  2. MistahHaskins

    OP Prison Reset?

    So speaking on behalf of the Prison community, everyone recently has been wondering when there will be a Prison reset, if one at all! Personally I want a reset, but I am just curious if one is in the books of happening!
  3. BLASTER2029


    Lol,I did that,but what was the punishment and why is it punishable?
  4. Aaronenderman7 real

    Denied custom items in OpPrison

    IGN - Aaronenderman7 What server / service is your suggestion for? - OpPrison What is your suggestion? - Custom Items How can this make Lemon Cloud better? - It can help the 'economy' in OpPrison having people selling rarer items (Like what happened Last Year in skyblock with the easter basket...
  5. Holly_mai

    Opprison crash

    Just a minute ago opprison crashed while people were building
  6. yoela

    Guide for OPprison HOW TO EARN MONEY#1

    Hi everyone! I am now a rank free player in opprison. I have around 7000 thousand for now and i m soon promoting to avenger. Maybe some of you said that my rank is not as high as yours but here are some tips that can help you to grow fast within minutes in this game. There are many many ways to...
  7. Aaronenderman7 real

    Denied OPprison free world

    IGN - Aaronenderman7 What server / service is your suggestion for? - Opprison What is your suggestion? - freeworld resets weekly How can this make Lemon Cloud better? - So little things like leather for enchanting for wool for building isnt the rarest items in the server. Extra - Ok, Tawie told...
  8. DaneOle

    I got obsidian! (prison)

    As many of you probably already know... I got obsidian rank! I do recommend this purchase to everyone. It is a very helpful buy.
  9. dogbless

    Some Helpful Tips

    Hello everyone, hope you are all having a nice day. I've seen a lot of players on OP Prison asking in chat how to play, so I thought that an updated mini-guide for post-reset Prison might be helpful. :) Brief List of Commands: /help - this displays basic commands in-game, in case you need a...
  10. foxpuns

    Ooooooh yeeeeeee

    ooooooooh yeeeeeee *chanting* reset! reset! reset! like if ur happy for the opprison reset
  11. PrisonRace Episode #1 w/SaucedBoyy

    This is my first video on LemonCloud, Me and SaucedBoyy are racing to get to free, If you want more content leave a like and subscribed
  12. BigNoahhh

    Thanks iTour

    Thanks @iTour XD
  13. BigNoahhh

    Missing Items in my plot please help...

    I logged off for about 30-45 minutes to eat and go take the trash off and when i came back my afk pool had a whole entire armor stand with armor and a head on it gone... it was a really good player head too... How does this happen. No one has access to my plot rn either except for staff. please...
  14. BigNoahhh

    OP Prison PvP Pond

    Hey there! Ive always loved fishing in PvP on OP Prison but some players dont make it fun sometimes :/ sooo i decided to make my own pond!! FOR ALL PLAYERS! Come to /p h BigNoahhh It is all the way on your left in the back! Have fun and make sure to tell others! Thanks! BigNoahhh
  15. riian

    #TeamRiceBowl -Paige the rice bowl goddess

  16. TheFourthWall

    MODS, we have a problem

    IDK if this is in the right place, havent even made an intro post yet but I was just on the server and there was someone cobble monstering prison free spawn. I dont know if they have finished yet, but if it isnt dealt with asap people are going to lose gear. I forget the name of the guy in...
  17. Swayre

    Server Idea

    LemonCloud needs traditional prison, as in stone tools, pvp allowed everywhere, and guards that kill people who pvp.
  18. Swayre

    How Sell Shops Work

    Sell Shops or OP shops is where you get to a high rank, and buy emerald/diamond blocks from people for less than the amount you can sell it to the shop for. I too have an op shop, so let me tell you how mine works, People can sell diamond blocks to me for 20 million, then I take the diamond...
  19. AngleLoki

    Sys expresses his love for me on prison

    Just a joke but Sys just loves me man their is no beating this today like honestly.
  20. Shramp

    Hey its Shramp!

    Hey guys, my name is Shramp and I'm a new member of LemonCloud who recently joined the community, and I hope I could have a great time here and make some good friends! I love to play OP Prison and build on plots and do skin competitions too. I hope everyone around me has a great time here in...