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  1. Memewood

    New MINECRAFT Vid! any support is really appreciated!

  2. crasherr111

    PVP Evading?

    So this has been an ongoing discussion in the chat, "How long do you have to wait before you can tp out of PVP once you are in combat?" The two sides of this are that you would be able to teleport out straight after the combat tag timer goes is up, while the other side is that you must wait an...
  3. volita

    How to KitPvP - a Full Guide

    How to KitPvP: a LemonCloud PvP Guide for Everyone from Beginner to Expert By volita Intro: What’s up gamers! It’s 1:45 AM and for some inane reason I’ve decided to spend my time writing a complete guide to KitPvP. This guide will include: Kit choice PvP tips Terrain strategies Basic...
  4. Oof

    Closed Flying into/ out of Combat.

    Essential Information Minecraft Username: OofRekt Server Name: OP Factions Suggestion Information Thread Title: Flying into/ out of Combat. | Rule Description: So as most of us know flying into and out of combat can result in a ban. I would like it so that you can, but all while you are...
  5. RoyalGucci

    Suggestions for OpPrison

    There should be a /pvp to make pvp everywhere you are instead of teleporting you to pvp. There should also be a /warp spleef because I made it the other day and many other people enjoyed it
  6. CooookieMownster

    Creative Addition

    So long ago, when you went into /gamemode 0 whilst on the Creative server PVP would be enabled and this brought some nice minigame that most people enjoyed. I hope this could be brought back since the creative server hasn't really seen many major updates that brought a big change. I think that...
  7. HayItzRain

    Kid Thinks He Is Better Then ZeruePvP

    A user on sbfire by the name of OhBe1 thinks he is better then @ZeruelPvP @ZeruelPvP Will You Duel Him? P.S sorry for spelling your name wrong in the image xD
  8. ComboBank

    Fighting tournament

    Hello, I have been requested to do a tournament of all the best lemoncloud PvPers the winner of the tournament will be declared as the #1 PvPer on LC. There will be all the lemoncloud best pvpers in here there will be arenas on KitPvP for each person to fight with /duel, myself will be...
  9. Kiindqess

    Denied Creative-PvP YEET

    IGN - Kiindqess What server / service is your suggestion for? - Creative What is your suggestion? - Adding a command such as /pvp which you can fight other people with it enabled. Also having a warp to a pvp arena where everyone can have friendly-fun fights. How can this make Lemon Cloud better...
  10. NickGamingFTW

    I Need A faction!

    I'm looking to join a faction with mostly ranks (I am Elite), I am great at pvping and am a good builder! Comment and tell me your faction name, and when im on ill join! Must have a good base.
  11. mepps

    [In Depth Guide]Some Good Stuff to Know About Gear

    This is a guide to help you understand and make decisions on new gear like Mice, Keyboards, etc. Of course, having good gear won't make you good at PvP, but it can enhance your experience and make things a little more convenient. This will cover how to tune your stuff so that you can get the...
  12. XAlooyHD

    Denied Can we add the /stack command on OpPrison?

    Hello my name XAlooyHD and I want to suggest that we add the /stack command back on opprison because carrying like a lot of speed pots can be annoying in pvp and not having space in your inventory is very inconvenient. Also I would like to see the strength pot come back to opprison too because...
  13. rocktopod

    Accepted Make /Pvp off the default setting in survival

    IGN - Rocktopod What server is your suggestion for? - Survival What is your suggestion? - Make /pvp off the default setting for new players. If this is not possible or simple to do then add a message about the /pvp off command when a player leaves spawn. How can this make LemonCloud Better...
  14. BigNoahhh

    Heads in pvp?

    Ive asked this question multiple times how you get heads in pvp. Is it still from looting or is it only staff that can drop them for you now?
  15. Fedora

    Accepted KitPvp

    Kitpvp, Lets talk about that; Now I have played Kit for a while now, and can say that I'm in love with it even to this day, but the newest features on there are not in good taste and I'll list the reasons why. Kits: You now get pots with your kit, Which is awesome when you think about it but in...
  16. 0bviously

    [KitPvP 1v1's] Vs. Staff! First Fight xCediv!

    LemonCloud 1v1’s! Welcome to the first official Minecraft 1v1’s! ============================================================================ On these forum threads, I will be posting 1v1 with staff members on our very own Kit PvP server! Our first LemonCloud duel is against @xCediv and it was...
  17. DaddyJarvis_

    Daddy Clan

    Hello :D today i will be creating a new clan called the daddy clan. It will be a pvp clan. It is meant for fun on kit pvp and sb fire. It is for people who are not that known on the server to get more know also and just have fun while pvping. This clan will be for Sb- fire and For Kit PvP...
  18. ASC_Lunar

    ASC PvP Clan (Skyblock)

    ASC has been around on Skyblock for a bit now, it is not a clan that I've just created but that I started a few weeks ago. I've decided to create an official page due to the number of requests I've received. I find it inefficient if I deny or accept a request without knowing certain information...
  19. DaddyJarvis_

    1V1ing iTour :D

  20. BigNoahhh

    OP Prison PvP Pond

    Hey there! Ive always loved fishing in PvP on OP Prison but some players dont make it fun sometimes :/ sooo i decided to make my own pond!! FOR ALL PLAYERS! Come to /p h BigNoahhh It is all the way on your left in the back! Have fun and make sure to tell others! Thanks! BigNoahhh