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  1. CheezyPhantom

    Just got unbanned and I don't have rank?!

    So I just got unbanned from "Blacklist" and I don't have Hero rank is skyblock water... Excuse me what is happening to the server??
  2. Christmas 0%

    Recently my car/grandmas car blew up and it set me back on a project in creative. Honestly, I would love to have divine there are great little features that ultra players just can't get… BlueEyedSinatra, a friend of mine got a rank, I have had the same rank for a year and I can’t afford...
  3. ProjectUG


    Hello, I had purchased fly during season 1 of skyblock fire before I had champion rank and i'm pretty sure it came with fly but when I just got my rank back on sb fire I got king when some people said I should of got epic or ultra since champion was such a high rank before. Also, I never had my...
  4. ProjectUG


    I had a champ rank on skyblock and this is the third time i've lost the rank and I don't know why.
  5. SmashNash32

    Raffle or Just Sell the Monarch Note?

    Im thinking if I raffle it itll be 4-5mil each ticket no minimum amount of entries and no max. If I sell it then I'll sell it to the highest bidder. If I do end up selling it lmk down below if you would want to enter the auction per say. I'll be making a group chat on discord for the auction and...
  6. SuperDerpy10

    Transferring Ranks

    Hello, I was just wondering if you could transfer Ranks that someone has. If you could please tell me. (Just to let you know my friend asked me I don't know because I took a massive break) -SuperDerpy10
  7. T_E_V

    Rank Account Switch?

    Hi. My old Minecraft account was hacked and I cant get it back. I have since bought a new account but my dad wont let me buy another legend rank. I used to own the iTEV account and now own the SpinelessLinus account. I have proof for both. PLEASE HELP
  8. JoeProKill2000

    Rank Upgrade

    In LemonCloud Factions, I am hero rank. If I upgrade from my current rank and get a upgrade gem instead of a rank note, do I get the stuff that comes with it other than the rank (McMMO credits, money, crates, etc)
  9. ASC_Lunar

    SBFire & SBWater Giveaway! (Cash + Rank)

    Skyblock Giveaway To celebrate nothing, I am hosting a giveaway for both SBWater and SBFire. Prizes 1 - 50 Mil IGM 2 - 25 Mil IGM 3 - 10 Mil IGM Surprise Gift At the end of this giveaway, one lucky person will receive a Donor Rank Note on SBFire only. They will be randomly picked among all...
  10. _ShimmerGloom_

    Lost My Ranks.. Help

    I had ranks on skyblock water and fire... I had legend.. i have not been on for a bit but i wanted to start things up again.. how can i get my ranks back?
  11. Didnt get rank.

    I recently bought the hero rank for survival but i didnt get it. I waited but i didnt get the rank up note, i bought the adventurer to hero rank under player upgrades, please fix soon for me, or give me a refund. my IGN is _SolarWolf and i bought it around 4:45pm EST
  12. Help needed for rank Please

    Hello i bought a rank on a different server by accident i meant to buy a rank on op factions instead i got the reg factions rank. the op factions one was down i thought it was the same. My In game name is YungKerm it would be nice if i could transfer the rank or get a refund. i have receipt if...
  13. Stick

    Rank being revoked??

    So i have only recently started playing again and i noticed on mojang that there is an option to change your in game name. Now before i went ahead and changed it cause i hate mine i would like to know if doing so may accidentally revoke my legendary rank? Or even if there is a chance this could...
  14. Junior2000

    Who I Am and Major News

    So.. Hello all. I am NHxWolf formally known as Junior2000. I play mainly SBWater but sometimes adventure to the other servers. I try my best to help out on SBWater with whatever is needed even if it's a person asking for money or material (and I realize after people see this they may start...
  15. TEA_YT

    SBWater Rank upgrade!!!

    Hello TEA_YT here. I am buying Premium for SBWater for 8 million (on SBWater of course) you can /pm or /msg me In Game or here on the Forums on my profile. I really want that rank, so if you can help me I'll appreciate it. If you think 8 million is too little tell me and we might try make it...
  16. Xemberite

    Denied Forums Ranks

    My Username / IGN: LightningEmerald What the suggestion is for: The forums My Suggestion: I suggest adding donor ranks to the forums. All the gamemodes have donor ranks and the forums are practically a gamemode. I don't know the exact perks or names or whatever but here's a couple ideas...
  17. NickGamingFTW

    I Need A faction!

    I'm looking to join a faction with mostly ranks (I am Elite), I am great at pvping and am a good builder! Comment and tell me your faction name, and when im on ill join! Must have a good base.
  18. Aaronenderman7 real

    Denied New Rank :3

    IGN - Aaronenderman7 What server / service is your suggestion for? - Skyblock What is your suggestion? - A new rank How can this make Lemon Cloud better? - There can be more fun with ranks! Extra - In Opprison, my suggestion for ranks after free got accepted. Now, I am making a new suggestion...
  19. Abbath

    200 Mil for Legend on SbWater

    I`m offering 60mil in game money for upgrade from donor to legend on SbWater. If you are interested in upgrading me please msg me here. Ty Abbath PS: atm upgrade is 27.5$
  20. SnitchInHood

    Buying Donor Rank On SBFire For 5 Million In-Game-Credits

    Good day, everyone who sees this post. As you can see from the title I would like to purchase a donor rank for 5 million credits in game. I have evidence of myself having 5 million (do /bal OpticFyre5) and I will buy a rank from someone. Please reply if you are willing to do this. ANY rank is...