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  1. runix

    i think i was scammed

    i bought the hero rank in OPfactions but the rank note does not work please help
  2. mzbeans

    Help! I bought a Rank and it says it is processed but I do not have it!

    Hey, so I bought the hero rank but I left the server I do not know how to make a purchase report so can anyone help me?
  3. Equinox_HD

    Question about legacy gamemodes

    With the new website update it was said that the current gamemodes will go into legacy and when the new game modes come out you will not longer be able to purchase anything from the store for these servers. My question is say for instance I play on Skyblock and am currently Legend rank, when the...
  4. _UnicornBoss_

    Skyblock Water Ranks

    Hello LemonCloud! Today I Am Selling 3 LemonCloud Skyblock Water Ranks. --------------------------------------------- ---x1 - Donor--- Store Price: $9.99 (https://store.lemoncloud.org/category/1008973) Proof: https://imgur.com/FhpGGcO Write Offers Below...
  5. projay11

    Buying Ranks

    Im Buying ranks for money through paypal. legend would be $25
  6. _UndeadGaming_

    Buying Hero or King rank in Survival

    Im willing to buy hero or god rank on survival for in game money. I will be giving in game money in trade for one of the ranks above. If you are interested, please let me know <3
  7. Arclight

    How reliable is PayGol?

    Since I don't own a credit card yet. The only option of mine to buy stuff on this server is the recently added Paysafecard method, which I have used before for other services, and I can trust. However I have never used it with a third party (in this situation with paygol) so if anyone used it...
  8. TEA_YT

    SBWater Rank upgrade!!!

    Hello TEA_YT here. I am buying Premium for SBWater for 8 million (on SBWater of course) you can /pm or /msg me In Game or here on the Forums on my profile. I really want that rank, so if you can help me I'll appreciate it. If you think 8 million is too little tell me and we might try make it...
  9. LuckyBl0ck

    /fly permissions.

    Okay. This is not fair. Bedrock is the only rank with /fly? Maybe it should be Emerald or Diamond+ maybe even redstone? I dunno. 48 bucks (on 80% sale) for /fly is not worth it. I think other ranks should have this.
  10. Xemberite

    Denied Forums Ranks

    My Username / IGN: LightningEmerald What the suggestion is for: The forums My Suggestion: I suggest adding donor ranks to the forums. All the gamemodes have donor ranks and the forums are practically a gamemode. I don't know the exact perks or names or whatever but here's a couple ideas...
  11. eliseabbott17


    Please let me know if you agree or not! Legendary rank=Legendary key x1 Champion rank=Mega key x1 Epic rank=Ultra key x1 Premium rank=Voter key x2 Donor rank=Voter key x1
  12. Clawz

    Design for rank!

    Hey i'm a graphic designer and im intrested in making someone artwork if they would buy a rank for me I am currently rank [WARRIOR] and i would like to get something higher! Here is what i want to do for these ranks (you can also ask for something specific if you don't want any of these xp...
  13. Aaronenderman7 real

    Denied New Rank :3

    IGN - Aaronenderman7 What server / service is your suggestion for? - Skyblock What is your suggestion? - A new rank How can this make Lemon Cloud better? - There can be more fun with ranks! Extra - In Opprison, my suggestion for ranks after free got accepted. Now, I am making a new suggestion...
  14. og_whizmas

    Rank Transfer/Upgrade

    Hi, I currently have the Master rank on factions, but I want LemonGod. Is it possible for me to upgrade rather than just pay full price? If not, would it be possible to give my Master rank to my friend?
  15. BigNoahhh

    Denied OP Prison obsidian rank

    IGN - BigNoahhh What server / service is your suggestion for? - OP Prison What is your suggestion? - Let Obsidian rank have perm fly How can this make Lemon Cloud better? - I don't know why Obsidian rank doesn't have fly. I have bedrock rank so this doesn't bother me but I have many friends on...
  16. JakeNoot

    [Guide] Cash Earned In Mines Coal-Bedrock (Add-On To @XonXendren)

    Hi Everyone! As most of you may know, @XonXendren recently made a Guide with the average amount of cash moneys you get average per mines A-Free. I decided to add-on to this and make a guide showing the prices of blocks from the donating mines, Coal to Bedrock. In the guide, I will be color...
  17. IIEstellaII

    Social Media

    Hi, I am writing this for AyyItzRiver because she is lazy af. There is a thing the ranks are doing where they change their nicks to social media names. Taken: Tumblr Instagram Snapchat Facebook Google Youtube Twitter Tinder If you are a rank and want to do this, just change your /nick to a...
  18. Kitty042

    Upgrading from Premium Rank to Epic for 10mil on Sbwater! (once i have enough)

    is anyone willing to upgrade me from Premium to Epic for 10mil?
  19. Jiracaii

    Lemon Cloud Store | Upgrading your rank?

    I Have recently purchased Elite but i now want to purchase Hero or maybe even Titan, but I don't want to buy the entire rank Warlord($120 - Sale for $54) instead I would like there to be Rank Upgrades therefore i can purchase an upgrade (Elite to Hero) for a cheaper Price since i have already...