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  1. FlamingLucifer

    Giveaway Hero rank and a /fly and 5bill

    Helloo sweety's, I want to give away a Hero rank, /fly and 5bill so people can enjoy their in game experience even more. This is on SBFire Fly is needed to build the farms. And Skyblock is just more fun with a fly. With the 5bill you can make a farm on your own and start earning money. I'm...
  2. Sophxu

    Got any ideas? Let me know!

    Hiya all! If you don’t already know I play Sbfire & All other game modes on LemonCloud. I always hold events such as : 4 Corners & Skin comps with many various prizes! I’m looking to hold more events but different than 4 corners and skin comp. If you have any ideas or suggestions lmk! :)
  3. Xan_Chains

    [SBfire] Public Grinders

    Does anyone know any public grinders on SBFire? I know there was a post asking the same thing on Sept 1st/2nd, 2016 but the /is warps don't work. (The forum thread was made by TeamTyler, I'll insert the link to their forum). I just wanted to make this forum so it's up to date and will help...
  4. ProjectUG


    Hello, I had purchased fly during season 1 of skyblock fire before I had champion rank and i'm pretty sure it came with fly but when I just got my rank back on sb fire I got king when some people said I should of got epic or ultra since champion was such a high rank before. Also, I never had my...
  5. HayItzRain

    SbFire Members

    Hello I'm here to announce that i will be opening up my island and having island members. Just respond below and I might give you a shot. However if you want to join you must fit the requirements. Requirements : Donor Rank+ At least an hour a day Discord May the odds be ever in your favor...
  6. GoATIt


    Im Giving Away 1,000,000 Dollars on SBFire. Here are the rules: 1. Subscribe to my channel 2. Like the giveaway video 3. Comment your IGN 4. Comment a joke <giveaway starts friday, and winners are announced on monday!> MAY THE BEST JOKE WIN! GL to all of you! My Channel Link...
  7. HayItzRain

    SkyBlock Fire Members

    I'm looking for island members. Since I started playing sbfire again I need some island members. I have already started on my island. Below you can see some of the requirements. If you decide to try and join dm me on forums or discord. (Rain#7675) Requirements Must be able to take commands and...
  8. ASC_Lunar

    SBFire & SBWater Giveaway! (Cash + Rank)

    Skyblock Giveaway To celebrate nothing, I am hosting a giveaway for both SBWater and SBFire. Prizes 1 - 50 Mil IGM 2 - 25 Mil IGM 3 - 10 Mil IGM Surprise Gift At the end of this giveaway, one lucky person will receive a Donor Rank Note on SBFire only. They will be randomly picked among all...
  9. IHaveRainbowHair

    Random Steam Key Giveaway!

    GIVEAWAY ENDING!! How to enter To enter this giveaway, all you need is 5k in game money. You can go to my /is warp IHaveRainbowHair and withdraw 5000 and put it in the hopper. To withdraw money, do /withdraw [Amount]. Don't pay me the money because it makes it harder to keep track of who has...
  10. Sabuchan122

    I think it's time for me to leave.

    I have left the server for many reasons: 1. My computer is 4 years old, Minecraft takes to much space. 2. I need to focus on school work. 3. Really busy with current life. 4. I will be back eventually so don't forget me (basically when I get better computer). 6. My RAM is only 4 Gb, my VRAM is...
  11. Sabuchan122

    Calling all 1.0 Sbfire players

    It's been a long time since 1.0 and I feel very sad caus all memories are fading away. I want all 1.0 of sbfire players to say at least hello for us (me because I feel very sad about everybody moving on) to remember on this post, and tell us what your ign was during 1.0 . I encourage all 1.0...
  12. Sabuchan122

    I shall be back, but then again...

    Guys so you know I have been less active then before. I have my reasons but I wanna say that if you can get 90 people to play on sbfire, I'll start being more active. Also with me coming back, I'll dp all my spawners and other things on my island. Hope to see that sbfire as a more populated...
  13. Eddipuss

    Paying 70mil for a $26.95 MC Gift Code

    Hi everyone! So, I'm looking for someone to buy me a $26.95 Minecraft Gift Code in exchange for 70mil on SBFire. You can get the card from many places, including on Amazon where you can get it in digital form (no delivery required). 70mil would automatically put you on /baltop 2. If you don't...
  14. Sabuchan122

    The OGClan List of Members:

    My previous post on the OGClan got locked so I decided to just make the forum post to list members just incase I lose some of our members names. Owner: @Sabuchan122 Co-Owner: @DatGuyPrettyman Member: @ThBananaPeel Member: @SaltiiGreta Member: @xTyrd Member: @mrbmc Member: @Vanessa_Lagoon...
  15. Stick

    Scammer!! Dont Trust!!

    Hey! Just informing everyone that the player IEclectic_YT is a scammer. He is stating he is selling alts for 2mil but will ask for the money first and then not give you the alt. DeathDaDino/DeathDaDerp was just scammed by him and is currently making a player report but until any action is taken...
  16. Stick

    Lag, Specifically on SbFire

    Hey! I know there has been many complaints and threads about the lag on SbFire and SbWater, how its supposedly caused by unscramble and a few other things according to players. Though over the past day to now the lag has been way overboard and there are many complaints in game about it. There is...
  17. TacoTime

    SBFire - /is top #4 recruiting

    Recruiting: Hello, everyone! I am TacoTime and my island and I are looking for some new players. We are looking for people who we trust and have been playing SBFire or SBWater for extended periods of time. Here is the application format: How long have you been playing LemonCloud Skyblock for...
  18. PCcubing

    Resetting Sb

    So the reset is going to happen for Sb. What happens when the server will reset. Will our islands be reset? and out money?
  19. EarthToAccess

    Hub /Server and Compass Unavailable

    The issue has started again. Using the compass and/or typing /server returns a server error saying "Unknown command. Type /help for a list of commands." You cannot use the "<server>" command either, leaving you stuck at the Hub.
  20. PCcubing

    Cactus Farm

    So I am currently building a cactus farm and I wanted to know how wide I should make it. If you know the best or most efficient way please let me know. Thank you!