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  1. phillipflip

    A normal day on sbwater

    Just chilling in pvp as you do...
  2. coll55


    Ok so we bought /spawner is it ever going to come back or.... if it is can i have a eta cause i dont want to spend millions on pigs then find out i just scammed myself thanks
  3. DeletriusX

    Posting lemoncloud vid today!

    Hey if you don't know already, i'm DeletriusX. I am currently working on a lemoncloud series on youtube :), it would greatly appreciate it if you can check it out on youtube - DeletriusX. I made a new thumbnail template and i want you guys to check it out! - thumbnail for 3rd video This is...
  4. mall suggestions

    Hello everyone! My friend Le_Little_Lou and i made a mall at both of our warps and i was wondering if you guys could check it out and give us some feedback. also, if you'd like a shop, you can buy one for only 500k. -Stella (stelllla) p.s. this mall is on sbwater.
  5. Okaying

    Team 10 sbwater island is recruiting members

    Hello I'm the owner of team 10 (sorry for the bad name) a island on SBwater that is on /is top at the moment, we have 4 members myself, Jvstsnowy, RangerRSW and Royer_killer4 -=Requirements to join=- Must have legend rank (exceptions) Must have a spawner grinder with over 200 spawner (levels...
  6. ASC_Lunar

    SBFire & SBWater Giveaway! (Cash + Rank)

    Skyblock Giveaway To celebrate nothing, I am hosting a giveaway for both SBWater and SBFire. Prizes 1 - 50 Mil IGM 2 - 25 Mil IGM 3 - 10 Mil IGM Surprise Gift At the end of this giveaway, one lucky person will receive a Donor Rank Note on SBFire only. They will be randomly picked among all...
  7. coll55


    So this is my first global thread today and i wanted to talk about pluigns. lemoncloud rn is a bit plain theres not alot to do accept make farms and get money and with that money build islands shops and try to get to /is top and /bal top #1 thats thats about all we are aiming for rn i feel like...
  8. Mirrorz

    Rank Bug

    I'm playing in SBwater and apparently, there is a new bug which makes ranks not show above players. Please fix it.
  9. DabbingAlyssa

    /spawner coming back?

    So in one reboot on sbwater /spawner started working. Is /spawner actually coming back? I do suggest it come back because everyone is spamming chat about it. Also we paid to have the command. I'm not trying to force Lemoncloud to do anything, I'm just trying to say that we should get the command...
  10. dragondollar

    In need of an Island on SBWater!

    Hello there! I am in need of an island hence the title of this tread for sbwater. Here are some stuff I would like to have on the island- -Must have 1000+ island level. I can provide about 800 worth of island level. -There must be some form of profit shop, preferably pig. I can provide about 115...
  11. BlusterBlurb

    Can Op Pickaxe Afk?

    In SbWater, If I were to Afk Mine with an Op Pickaxe (Unbreaking 10) Does anyone know how long I could Afk until I have to come back and /fix? If someone could answer, I would be great. <3
  12. DabbingAlyssa

    #Twinning with iJordan_

    Jordan and I are twinning rn on sbwater. <3 <3 ily jordan
  13. Stick

    Scammer!! Dont Trust!!

    Hey! Just informing everyone that the player IEclectic_YT is a scammer. He is stating he is selling alts for 2mil but will ask for the money first and then not give you the alt. DeathDaDino/DeathDaDerp was just scammed by him and is currently making a player report but until any action is taken...
  14. Stick

    Lag, Specifically on SbFire

    Hey! I know there has been many complaints and threads about the lag on SbFire and SbWater, how its supposedly caused by unscramble and a few other things according to players. Though over the past day to now the lag has been way overboard and there are many complaints in game about it. There is...
  15. TFusionDestroyer

    TFusionDestroyer's Introduction

    Hello, im new to the forums page. my favorite game on this server is SBWater. SBWater is very fun!! I like dogs out of all of the animals! there is a very bad story about a dog that i had, but if i coud get 5 likes ill tell the story... ive been on LC since the last reset (2016) but did not know...
  16. Junior2000

    Update to my major Drop Party

    I recently announced that I'll be hosting a drop party when the requirements are reached. You can read about it here The update about it is that, because of the sbwater reset being sooner than usual, I decided to postpone the drop party until after the reset. [Reason] If someone were to get...
  17. GoonX

    SB_Water Reset Build

    Hello there. After reset hits Sb-Water hits I would like to add 1 or 2 players to my Island. Must have some experience In harvesting and Crafting. If interested Please message me. I'm Legend on Sbwater
  18. projay11


    does any one know when the reset is actually going to be?
  19. EarthToAccess

    Hub /Server and Compass Unavailable

    The issue has started again. Using the compass and/or typing /server returns a server error saying "Unknown command. Type /help for a list of commands." You cannot use the "<server>" command either, leaving you stuck at the Hub.
  20. Junior2000

    Who I Am and Major News

    So.. Hello all. I am NHxWolf formally known as Junior2000. I play mainly SBWater but sometimes adventure to the other servers. I try my best to help out on SBWater with whatever is needed even if it's a person asking for money or material (and I realize after people see this they may start...