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  1. Ren_Jinguuji

    Scammer Warning

    I was scammed of 2mil today by a player by the name of Alcatraz2104 and I'd like to warn you all because I don't have the proof to make a formal report. EDIT; The scammer has now changed their username to Edward1605. I was buying two lemons off of them and they told me "send 2mil first and...
  2. Stick

    Scammer!! Dont Trust!!

    Hey! Just informing everyone that the player IEclectic_YT is a scammer. He is stating he is selling alts for 2mil but will ask for the money first and then not give you the alt. DeathDaDino/DeathDaDerp was just scammed by him and is currently making a player report but until any action is taken...
  3. ButterBroFist


    Can you ban people for scamming? Someone scammed me for 10mil
  4. pigpuns

    Denied Scamming - money/item giveback rule *suggestion*

    IGN - pigpuns What server / service is your suggestion for? - All servers but factions (where scamming is allowed) What is your suggestion? - Improve the "no scamming" rule. (backstory): So just now, I helped @Tawie catch a typical casino scammer (on opprison). I paid 50mil for a supposed 33%...
  5. Wafffler

    Scams in /ah

    I have some proves that people are trying to scam with banknotes here are the images:
  6. Robobro2002

    SBwater /ah scam by BiGNuKe1631

    I have proof the BiGNuKe is selling a FAKE banknote on the SBwater auction house.
  7. GandalfTheTroll

    ReNaming Crate Keys

    I think renaming crate keys is SO annoying. I know it's factions so arguably it's okay to scam but it's gone too far. Earlier there were 8 separate sellers of fake keys on ah! It's crazy, pls ban the scammers. P.s. This is not a suggestion, I just want to see what your opinion is
  8. ZertyleHD

    WARNING Scammers: Voter Keys

    Warning don't fall for the voter keys scam. 1. If it is an enchanted key (only applies to survival), it is old and fake! Do not but it! If you see it on the auction house (/ah) hover over it and take a screenshot. Report that player because scamming is NOT allowed. 2.If you see a trip wire...
  9. GandalfTheTroll

    No /back!!!

    The /back command to me is EXTREMELY annoying! In the end it is supposedly BANNABLE but it is still possible to use the command and people use it ALL the time. I think at least it shouldn't be allowed in CLAIMED land and the END. My base was destroyed when i went offline because someone used...
  10. Spike

    message for ishadey

    no it didn't it said to find out buy the next book costing 2 mill jokes then it said sell this book on i want to se where it gets to so shady don't lie :D plus its not a scam its in ah and people can read before they buy it even asked people to confirm their purchase.This is pathetic.
  11. HeyItsRichy

    Dont Trust Links_sword

    I am posting this to make everyone aware, user Links_sword, is formerly known Predictorbot. We all know Predictorbot was a scammer, liar, thief, and just downright annoying. You can check his name at namemc website to see he changed it. DO NOT TRUST HIM. Under no circumstances can he be trusted...