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  1. Elite_Nitrogen


    I feel there should be a Server or in the /hub where we can do parkour! Say you can go for a timed run, or go for a rewards. I was thinking it could be more of a reward type. There could be different levels and as time goes on, Lemon Cloud keeps adding new stages, levels. As you complete each...
  2. clingySalad


    Dear Anyone Who Reads This, It seems that the majority of the Creative server is just role-plays. It gets annoying because the chat is spammed with ads and then goes dead because everyone is in them. I think it would be easier to make a server with plots, game mode changes, and the option...
  3. coll55

    2 and half Years

    Hi LC community some of you may or may not remember me there's a lot of people I've met and they supported. Thank you to all that donated gave money or started me off. I'm not going to list names as I have been on this server for almost 3 years that would be kinda crazy. I have been banned a...
  4. Shadowbosh

    Denied Dedicated Staff For Servers

    IGN-Shadowbosh What server / service is your suggestion for? -all of them What is your suggestion? - I believe we should have staff dedicated to each part of lemon cloud like 1 for sb fire, one for op prison etc How can this make Lemon Cloud better? - it would mean they wouldnt have to keep on...
  5. StealthWombat

    Denied Look Into Possible Moderator Abuse On Factions

    Hi I really like your server, but I have one concern. I have come into multiple instances where there was blatant mod abuse. For example someone teleported into my base on factions not through a nether portal. Another time we were being raided, and had enough power to keep us, and then like 10...
  6. Aaronenderman7 real

    Denied New Server Picture

    IGN - Aaronenderman7 What server / service is your suggestion for? - Server What is your suggestion? - New Profile Picture for Server How can this make Lemon Cloud better? - Newer picture would look better Extra - I joined LC in June 2015, and the same picture for LC has been there. Servers can...
  7. CubicKoala

    Plugin Question

    I would like to know what the plugin you guys at LemonCloud use for your hub gadgets, profile, and server selector. If it is private that is no problem, but if it is a Bukkit or Spigot premium plugin please tell me so I can buy it.
  8. festiveloser

    This is Serious Guys

    LemonCloud is dieing. People have to take breaks or quit bc of so many things and now some of the most important, active, amazing people are leaving. I am seriously concerned for the stability of this server. We all know it started when iLemon bought Desteria. There was less time spent on the...
  9. Aaronenderman7 real

    It's a wonderful Server -christmas (Ilemon and guardian zombie)

    "No one will ever like this server. I wish This server never existed!" Said Ilemon as he looks over his server. Until, "Hi, Lemon! I am your guardian Zombie! I overheard what you just said. I will show you what would happen, if your server never existed." Said GZ (guardian zombie) "What will...
  10. iSpaceX

    Hello :D

    Hi, my name is iSpaceX, I am 19 years old, I live in Belgium. I began to play Minecraft in 2011 (beta version 1.7.3) and on this waiter since July. I play mainly in Skyblock water Sorry for my English:D
  11. Error while trying to log in the server

    This message keeps popping while i'm trying to connect the server. Any ideas why?
  12. Swayre

    Server Idea

    LemonCloud needs traditional prison, as in stone tools, pvp allowed everywhere, and guards that kill people who pvp.
  13. HeyItsRichy

    Really Mad!!! Villager Rant!!!

    Hey everyone HeyItsRichy here and let me tell about the level of pissed off I am. First let me start with why I'm mad; well you see on sbwater clear lag now removes villagers. So I spent over 9 mil on villager eggs getting perfect trade villager and poof there all gone now. This is beyond...
  14. Firekiller

    Is the server good for 1.9 yet?

    I know the server is compatible with 1.9 but there tends to be all sorts of teething troubles if playing in 1.9 as opposed to 1.8. Are those fixed yet?
  15. funnybunny3697

    What Happened?

    I wrote something but I want to delete it and I don't know how so just ignore this
  16. FexorX

    FexorX is back

    Yes, after a short hiatus (ahem, Lemon Firing me), I am back and better than ever. I hope that we can all put the bad things in the past and look forward to the future. I cannot wait to start donating again and holding awesome contests such and such. Firstly, I would like to apologize to iLemon...
  17. Spacecake340

    SKYBLOCK | LemonCloud | Timelapse - MindMast3r w DoomTheMaster

    Playing in LemonCloud Server - SBFire?! SKYBLOCK | LemonCloud | w DoomTheMaster - EXPAND OUR ISLAND | Timelapse - EP#1 We Have a cool island in SBWater but we don't want to rec on it ; soo And that why we record on SBFire ;) ING: MindMast3r ING: DoomTheMaster ►► Subscribe -...