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  1. DaddyMike20

    The Big Problem With SB

    Hi, I’ve been a player on this server for quite some time now, me and friends that play this server all agree on certain things the server needs to change or improve. Please be mindful of the fact that I DON’T hate this server, this server has a great community as well as an incredibly...
  2. RandoFlowie

    Spawn eggs are not working

    okay, so. I spent 135k on buying spawn eggs in the shop, it where 9 villager spawn eggs, but when i tried to use them nothing happened. I also tried it with horse spawn eggs but they don't seem to work either
  3. Triplemjrc

    Shop Building or Shop Menu

    So I was making a mob grinder and it came across to me that I would like to be able to sell my items more quickly than just using pv's to store the items. My idea is that the server adds a menu for the shop. This means that doing /shop would not teleport you, but it would open up a menu where...
  4. EarthToAccess

    Lack of Ink Sac

    Howdy there! So uh I used to run a base building business back before the major game-changing update--the one that has LemonGod instead of Majesty rank. What I would do is build bases, then use a Book and Quill to write down the base and its features, like if it's sea-side, if it has a cave...
  5. coll55


    What shops make the most money that's my question I have a banner shop but it doesn't make that much its very big (3 floors) but is there anything else?
  6. Sunbreak

    Profit Shops are OP

    The moment you have a rank and get around 40K you can go to a profit and make a million dollars. You can get money from profit shops so easily just by right-clicking a sign then doing /sell hand. This is a big reason why the server resets without profit shops resets would be a lot less frequent...
  7. Arclight

    How reliable is PayGol?

    Since I don't own a credit card yet. The only option of mine to buy stuff on this server is the recently added Paysafecard method, which I have used before for other services, and I can trust. However I have never used it with a third party (in this situation with paygol) so if anyone used it...
  8. iAfterlife

    Denied Custom Tags

    IGN - IGalaxyI What server / service is your suggestion for? - Server Store What is your suggestion? - Adding Custom Prefixs to names How can this make Lemon Cloud better? - Would add more profit to the server Extra - Adding in extra tags could be an awesome way to identify yourself. The...
  9. og_whizmas

    Denied Please please please change the shop

    I understand that it seems new and refreshing, and it isn't necessarily a bad thing. However, the new shop is absolutely wrong for factions, and it does not allow us to utilize it fully. In factions, the need to buy huge quantities of tnt and other supplies is crucial. With the new shop...
  10. CertifiedPengu

    Pengu's Loan Office!

    Hey Baes! I've recently acquired over 4 billion dollars from a player who answers to the name of Kenzie, so I've started doing loans! I can do loans up to 2 billion dollars, but due to my recently giving (what I think is) the largest loan in LC history, 2.46 billion dollars, I cannot do more...
  11. Rubrical

    Denied Skyblock Shop Addon-

    Hey LC community, i've been recently going around the Sky block Water shop and seeing some things that don't have a sell price. Two of them really bugged me because of the fact that I spent a bunch of money buying skeleton spawners, yes it was the bones and bone meal. One more suggestion to add...
  12. BigNoahhh

    My Shop!

    Come check out my OP Shop! Many items that you can chose from! Also sell your cobble for 85k per inventory, Coal Blocks 1000 per inv., and much more!
  13. SkyMall Applications

    Hey Everyone! I'm writing this on here because its hard making a ton of books that all say the same thing. A lot of people have been applying for a shop at the SkyMall this month. Just write you application in the comments. Heres the format: User Name: Age: What you want to sell: Why you want...
  14. Nathan_Plays

    who has the best head shop in creative?

    i have over 500 can anyone beat that
  15. Swayre

    How Sell Shops Work

    Sell Shops or OP shops is where you get to a high rank, and buy emerald/diamond blocks from people for less than the amount you can sell it to the shop for. I too have an op shop, so let me tell you how mine works, People can sell diamond blocks to me for 20 million, then I take the diamond...
  16. Corebrum

    Denied OPFactions - Shop [GONE WRONG]

    IGN: Corebrum Server: OPFactions Suggestion: Increase the selling amount of Sugar Cane from 16 to 64 How can this make Lemon Cloud better? You would save time selling Sugar Cane and devote the time saved to other things.
  17. DareMe

    Art shop ~ For extreme keys / rankup on fire sb :)

    :cake: ART SHOP :cake: So hello, my names kira, (mxssmxlxtto) so known from fire sb. I have decided to open up an art shop. since i cannot afford buying much i would like to make art for people trading for things likeee ranks on fire sb. Extreme keys, vote keys, mega also my rankup...
  18. FrostGhost1000

    Frost Shop

    My new shop is now open for business. It is a sell/buy shop and includes all of the blocks and some DP items. It is modern themed and is the place to go if you are looking to get a good deal. My goal is not to make money (Trust me, I don't need it!), it's to give you the best deal possible. The...
  19. Firekiller

    Shop signs

    You can make autonomous shops using signs with a plug-in on Lemoncraft. To do this place a chest with the items to sell inside then add a sign to the front and write the text as follows Right-clicking the sign will sell the item/s to the player interacting (user). Using a sign to sell items to...
  20. heydt_on_it

    Survival Selling

    Hello everyone! Quick query for the community. I know that there is the auction house to sell products currently, but why am I unable to do so through the /shop command? If I right click, I receive a message about how selling is disabled. Is this temporary? Can I turn that feature on, or do I...