skyblock water

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  1. FlipFlop

    Island Biome

    Hi, I am very new to Lemon Cloud and I was wondering if there is any way that I could change the biome of my island from Overworld the End. If not, I would really appreciate it if a staff could transfer my progress to the end! I know that this might be a big ask, but I would really appreciate...
  2. _Ky1e

    Best ways to make money this new season!

    this season of Skyblock has created many new ways to make money with some old ways back on top. Today I’m gonna try to tell you guys the top Three best ways to make money on Skyblock. Hopefully you guys will find this useful. #1 Iron Golem Spawners Iron Golem spawners are once back on top this...
  3. DeletriusX

    Doing a Rank Note Giveaway on skyblock water for my New Lemoncloud YT Series

    Hey guys so last season of skyblock water i tried to make a series. My upload consistency was not existent, well kind of, a monthly upload consistency that is. But this season of skyblock water is hype, and i am looking forward to my new series where i hopefully post a lot more consistently...
  4. DeletriusX

    Skyblock Water - Want to trade with villagers?

    I've yet to make a villager trading hall, but i got some villagers around my place with decent enchants. You can trade and grab enchants like, eff 5, unbreaking 3 and mending. Make your self a pickaxe to afk with :). I rather not sell these books but allow you guys to be able to get them...
  5. _UnicornBoss_

    Skyblock Water Ranks

    Hello LemonCloud! Today I Am Selling 3 LemonCloud Skyblock Water Ranks. --------------------------------------------- ---x1 - Donor--- Store Price: $9.99 ( Proof: Write Offers Below...
  6. RowanPlayz

    The best way to make money!

    There are some really good ways to make money on the LemonCloud server I will list a few of these ways to help all the new people to the server: 1. Make a cactus farm: Cactus doesn't sell for much but it is a good way to get some money, (if you build a big farm you can make lots of money tho.)...
  7. Betrix303

    Is sky block resetting?

    Is sky block resetting because i reported a bug to a mod and the mod that I don't know the name of said sky block will be resetting soon.
  8. Minecraftdan1234

    [!] I'm here to help anyone! (Offical Thread) [!]

    (PLEASE VOTE FAIRLY ON POLL, PLEASE DO, ITS NOT FAIR ON ME, I ADDED A NEW OPTION) Hey, Im minecraftdan1234 or more known as MCDan on SkyBlock Water! I am legend so i can fly and do anything! I love helping with building, redstone, making and much more. Everyone knows me on skyblock water...
  9. Pandabin ToxicYT

    Denied Ranked Shops?

    IGN - Toxicbacon12345 What server / service is your suggestion for? - Skyblock What is your suggestion? - I think they should add ranked shops How can this make Lemon Cloud better? - It clould make it more easy to aquire items
  10. Pandabin ToxicYT

    Ranked Shops?

    Hey, I was just thinking if we should have ranked shops like a donor shop, premium shop,epic shop, champion shop, legend shop. They can sell different kind of spawners or cheaper items? Byee...
  11. ian2174

    Upgrade Voter Keys???

    the voter key kinda sucks. there really is nothing good out of it besides some cow spanners best. i think we should add more spawners to it and increase the $$ you get from it. like lowest 20k and add zombie and skeleton spawners
  12. CraftyLoui

    Denied Should Casinos be banned?

    Since so many people are being scammed on casinos its time to take it into consideration should casinos be banned of skyblock? FYI poll closes Christmas day!!!!!
  13. Damz

    My Dearest Introduction

    Hello everyone, My Minecraft name is Damz, Some know me on other servers such as hypixel or cubecraft, I plan on playing on this server for a while because my little sister a.k.a. JaderD plays on here alot, I plan on being a good brother and helping her with her journeys on this server, I am...
  14. Rubrical

    Denied Skyblock Shop Addon-

    Hey LC community, i've been recently going around the Sky block Water shop and seeing some things that don't have a sell price. Two of them really bugged me because of the fact that I spent a bunch of money buying skeleton spawners, yes it was the bones and bone meal. One more suggestion to add...
  15. brookeok

    Can't teleport to my island (skyblock water)

    When I use the command, /is go, it tells me i have reached the edge of the world then teleports me to spawn. I would appreciate it if someone could help me. Thank you.
  16. UnSori

    Denied Making All Island Challenges Possible (Skyblock)

    UnSori SBWater/SBFire Making every Island Challenge possible to complete. Up until you come to the 'Advanced level' challenges, all of the Island Challenges are possible to complete. However, in the Advanced category, there are several challenges that are impossible to complete, as some items...
  17. UnSori

    Denied Allow Altering of Island Settings with '/is settings'. (Skyblock)

    UnSori SBWater/SBFire Allowing the use of the '/is settings' command. Although most players are okay with the default settings, certain players will want to alter what visitors can do with their islands. If it leads to griefing or to theft, it's only the island owner's fault. For instance, I...
  18. TheDiamondWolf16

    Skyblock Teaming

    Looking for a team for my island to make a cool one. Please feel free to message me or ask in-game. In game tag TheDiamondWolf16 On Water Also
  19. KissesForKoalas

    Reset Tips

    Everyone is all scared about the reset, but I'm not so scared. This is my first ever reset on Skyblock. But I have heard some tips so here they are: 1. Plan your island- Plan your island before the reset so you don't need to make up a bad island on the spot. I have already planned most of my...
  20. sidefall

    How Long Is The Reboot?

    Someone Please Tell me How Long Is The Reboot