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  1. PandaDePanda

    Sheep Spawners Survival

    I noticed the sheep inside the spawners change colors, and I don't understand why it's happening.
  2. 2dragonfire

    Can I get some help from a mod and bug report

    Hi. I just got a wolf spawner from a vote crate, but as I exited the menu and went to left click my spawner from my hotbar to my inventory, the menu was force closed (not by me) and it dropped out of my inventory. The player Eloute was standing afk in front of me and picked up said dropped...
  3. sharkteeth1000


    Hey staff, I have a old kit called kit spawner and most of the commands dont work anymore even though you have said its fixed and I was just wondering if I could get a new kit instead. Thanks!
  4. Stick

    Grinder/Spawner Help?

    So i've finished my entire grinder and its quite large but i'm having a problem with the spawning. Pigs regularly spawn along the entire span of grass i have laid down but most of the time they spawn to one side of it. All my spawners are completely symmetrical and there is nothing i can figure...
  5. Shadowbosh

    Denied /kit spawner buff

    IGN-Shadowbosh What server / service is your suggestion for? - both skyblock What is your suggestion? - /kit spawner buff How can this make lemon cloud better? - For 7$, this isnt very good therefore buffing it will mean it is worth getting and people will be happy with their purchase, unlike...
  6. Star_Slayer

    Spawner Help

    Hi, I need some help. My cow spawner wont spawn. Please tell me why. It's in a nice little room with a roof in diamond and a dirt floor. It just wont spawn. I think I wasted my money but, I might have made a mistake. Tell be why it wont work please. It could be just a noob move, because I just...
  7. New player question...

    So I started playing skyblock a couple days ago, eventually made enough money to buy a skeleton spawner, so I decided to make a pretty large mob grinder so go along with it. Do mob grinders not work? Also, do skeletons only spawn when a player is near? And finally, what is a good grinder for...
  8. Mat_Cauthon1

    Selling Spawners

    I am planning on selling at least one of almost every type of spawner. This includes rare ones such as Skeleton, Creeper, Zombie Pigmen, and Endermen, as well as more common ones such as 15 blaze, and 10 or so of each friendly. Bidding for Skeleton starts at 120k, creeper at 70k, Pigmen at 250k...
  9. iSpaceX

    Iron golem farm ?

    Hello, I have a question. Does farm in golem vanilla (style docm77) work ? Either is absolutely needed spawners?
  10. Denied Spawner border

    Hello guys, With my friend i play very often skyblock Fire. We have 4 spawners and made a building for it (goal is to make a whole village). But the cows and chickens spawn constsantly outside the building. I got an idea that you can make a spawner border that on like X:12000 Y:100 Z: -200 the...
  11. Frost_Giant

    Squid Spawner

    Hi i'm wondering if anyone knows how to make a squid farm. I have a spawner but it doesn't seem to work.
  12. liquidarrows

    squid spawner conditions etc..

    Hey I made a pool and thought it might be nice to add squid to it however my squid spawner is not spawning any squid and I was wondering what the conditions and what i must do to produce squid in my pool. thank you,
  13. Crowned_Felines

    I'm Having Issues with my Spawners

    IGN: Crowned_Felines (aka KingQueenHelper) Gamemode the issue is found on: Survival Explanation: My spawners never had a problem working. I decided to move my spawners to a different location because I have expanded my claims. After I had placed them as should be, none of them...
  14. Changing Mob in mob spawner.

    I dropped 150K on a spawner and another 100K on a iron golem egg. It says that I can't change the mob! How do I?
  15. Petergalileo

    Now offering my left Kidney for a guardian spawner LOL !

    Im sure its an oversight but spawners cant be changed to guardians, so absolutely no prismarine or sea lanterns. Other than that and the free chiseled brick in the shop, how the heck you sorted version 2 out in 2 weeks is incredible, well done !!
  16. Satchikou


    a few hours ago i buy on the website the kit /spawner for skyblock fire but it still don't work. it says i don't have permission on that. Why ? i put a picture on this forum that i buy it. Pls fix it. Satchikou from skyblock on fire
  17. summerrain24

    /egg command

    So legend had access to /egg. Why did you take it away? We need hostile mobs. Will you bring it back? Is there another way to get hostile mob spawners?
  18. gaycie

    Spawner prices changed? :o

    Honestly i think the new prices are still a lot, but enough so people will buy my stuff from shop. If you dont know about this, get off forums. Nah just kidding, but it went from 1mil to 500k. See? Pricey. I feel like the highest amount should be 200k-100k. 25k was great. Should we have spawner...