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  1. synvale

    Factions and some other topics

    Hello, I just wanna start by saying this is no hate to the server or it’s staff. I’d just share my thoughts and help the server. I’ll start now Factions: factions is personally home for me and I haven’t played it for long, ranks seem to be the staple of the game mode and the same with the rest...
  2. Boris_De_Koe

    I did not get the august title from the month crate

    Information: Sub Total: 28.38 GBP Tax: 4.61 GBP Total: 28.38 GBP Gateway: PayPal Transaction ID: 0JS59948F6983460S Username: Boris_De_Koe Date: 5th August 2020 18:01
  3. CheezyPhantom

    Missclicked purchase

    Soo yesterday I wanted to buy seller minion, but I missclicked and I bought a feeder minion. I made "Purchase Issues" post but noone is responding. Is this normal??
  4. ModPvPer

    cmon bro

    Staff can u read my staff apeal and send link form discord so i can join for ss and sl .... u cant ban me with no reason !
  5. Cruggs

    Lemon :]

    I don't think he's gonna be too happy with me after this one... @iLemon @snw
  6. Cruggs


    I miss brdly... He was my man. I'm not sure if he's still active or what, but I had a username dedicated towards him lol. (birdlee) He was an amazing staff and I wish he was still here. He was amazing and he made me want to become staff. I miss the day when we would mess around on creative and...
  7. STAFF.

    I have played the server a while and noticed the lower staff such as helpers and mods are the only ones that take the time to help such as fragmenter ihells raptorture these staff members help alot whilst most staff ignore messages such as bengalsharkk anyone else agree no offence to staff at...
  8. JC_croft

    Staff Problems.

    Recently there are not many staff online to help anymore. When I meet the requirements I will apply for staff and actually be active in the community. Has anyone else had a problem which there was no staff online for? Luckly Daviey helped me
  9. Elite_Nitrogen


    I feel there should be a Server or in the /hub where we can do parkour! Say you can go for a timed run, or go for a rewards. I was thinking it could be more of a reward type. There could be different levels and as time goes on, Lemon Cloud keeps adding new stages, levels. As you complete each...
  10. coll55

    Wow..... please read all of this

    Hey, so my previous forum post "I'm quitting" got a lot of support like 10x more support then I excepted. now this isn't going to be Another forum post thanking the community No merely a response to the support and if I'm quitting 1. Am I quitting? honestly, I'm in a boggle I don't think...
  11. coll55

    I quit Im done...

    hi lemoncloud community, I love this server so much but I'm getting a bit tired of it. I tried to pursue my dream of being part of the staff team but I highly doubt that will happen so yeah I quit for a couple months Bye....
  12. coll55

    The community.

    Hey, lc community. I know I haven't posted in a while but I haven't had any good ideas. anyways here's the forum. Okay so I know I BRIEFLY talked about this in my whole break drama thingamabober but I wanted to dedicate this whole thread to the community. first off I want to say sorry to...
  13. Bennie_Caal

    Some ideas

    Everyone who has been playing OP Prison for a while can agree that the gamemode is suffering from the giant reset. What we as a community want is to bring OP Prison back in it's former glory. We know that the staff is working very hard on making progress for the gamemode, but here are just a few...
  14. coll55


    I had a question this is more directed towards staff members but anyone can read this. i was wondering who moderates the staff team to see if there abusing there powers. this is just out of pure curiosity and i don't have anything against whoever does i was just curious who moderates the staff...
  15. coll55

    2 and half Years

    Hi LC community some of you may or may not remember me there's a lot of people I've met and they supported. Thank you to all that donated gave money or started me off. I'm not going to list names as I have been on this server for almost 3 years that would be kinda crazy. I have been banned a...
  16. RafaelHof2002


    Which Ex-staff member do you miss the most?
  17. RafaelHof2002


    I updated my signature Anyway Not that many old staff left ;-;
  18. SkeletonKing8957

    Staff help please:

    I haven't logged into LemonCloud for several months because my computer broke down and I didn't have the funds to fix it. When I logged in today and went on Survival, my entire huge base was raided of everything valuable, besides a few chests that had been marked [Private]. Apparently, my...
  19. Piginca

    I am applying for staff any idea what i can do as helper

    I know i will be helper but what can i do as helper
  20. Tgrs

    Staff Spotlight | 18th Edition | iJordan_ Interview

    Staff Spotlight |18th Edition WELCOME Welcome to the 18th edition of Staff Spotlight! If you are unfamiliar with what it is, it’s a series of interviews of members of the Staff team, with the goal of providing insight and understanding to each role on the Staff team. Thank you @iJordan_ for...