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  1. DaddyMike20

    The Big Problem With SB

    Hi, I’ve been a player on this server for quite some time now, me and friends that play this server all agree on certain things the server needs to change or improve. Please be mindful of the fact that I DON’T hate this server, this server has a great community as well as an incredibly...
  2. RobGamer

    Closed Spawners

    Essential Information Minecraft Username: RobGamer47LOL Server Name: Survival Server Suggestion Information Thread Title: Spawners Description: Plz, remove the mechanic where you have to have grass by it for it to work. I know it isn't that much and it prob won't change but just saying...
  3. Solar

    Discuss Skyblock

    hello friends let us talk a bit about skyblock and what is to come in a way, this is a massive suggestion in the making. let's brainstorm a bit and think of the things we want to see in the upcoming revamped skyblock discuss anything you would like to see in the new gamemode features like...
  4. .Rylee.

    A suggestion..

    It's come to my attention as well as many other players that Lemon cloud is dying. Sad but true. A lot less players are on the server nowadays and I think LemonCloud should do something about it, because, all in all, I love this server and it would be really sad to see it die. I think LC should...
  5. JoeProKill2000


    Hey. Me and my friends have thought of a idea that could help out factions (and opfactions if they don't have). We should have the ability to set warps based on the number of people in fac. Maybe like 3 people = 2 warps, 5 = 3, 10 = 4, and 25+ = 5. Its just a suggestion that maybe u guys could...
  6. Sophiaah

    Good at INTERIOR building

    Just to clear this up before anyone gets confused I build INTERIORS, whenever I say I am a good builder I don't want to build the frame and stuff, I want to decorate. SO give me a idea, like room+theme and I will post them here! Hope to see what you suggest! :)
  7. Bennie_Caal

    Some ideas

    Everyone who has been playing OP Prison for a while can agree that the gamemode is suffering from the giant reset. What we as a community want is to bring OP Prison back in it's former glory. We know that the staff is working very hard on making progress for the gamemode, but here are just a few...
  8. iiomqdani


    Just like everybody else, I have a free lot I would LOVE to build on, I just don't know what to build. Suggestions? :/
  9. a_wishing_star

    Creative- Roleplay Ideas

    Hi there! My name is a_wishing_star! I noticed a lot of people becoming bored of the normal roleplays like Highschool, Camp, Town, and such. I thought I would make this thread to help spread some ideas, and to help people make spiffy roleplays! Suggestions: -A Superhero Versus Supervillain...
  10. Xemberite

    Welcome New Manager!

    | Welcome! Congratulations on your promotion and welcome to LemonCloud (LC), @Annie! Based on your work over at Desteria, I’m personally excited to see what you can do for this server. I made this thread to welcome you to the community and list some of our current top concerns and what this...
  11. iiSimplyDontCare


    Hello! I recently opened a Vote Crate and I happened to notice that the only rewards were given were Iron, Coal and other "not too good" kits. So I wanted you guys' opinion. Should the staff members consider expanding the crates to include better items?
  12. Dragonfox

    Denied Mail

    IGN- DragonfoxGaming What service/server is your suggestion for?- I think it would work great with almost any server, particularly survival. What is your suggestion?- To add a mail plugin How will this make lemoncloudbetter?- It will allow players to contact others when they are not online...
  13. DanIsLit

    Denied Warzone/Custom Enchants

    SBwater - SBfire I am suggesting the addition of adding a warzone and custom enchants to skyblock, this is because when you are at a point such as I am where you can afford lots and lots of spawners and buy things in bulk, you don't have anything to do but afk and mine for /is levels. I think by...
  14. Denied Threads

    IGN - StellaDun What server / service is your suggestion for? - The website What is your suggestion? - I think there should be a way to check how many threads you have made. I know there is a way to check all content by you but a way to check out only threads would be helpful. Say a member...
  15. LucidChronicles

    Kitpvp thoughts and suggestions

    Hello! I've been recently playing the newly updated kitpvp and i have some thoughts and some gathered suggestions to fix some errors myself and others find. (The things listed are just thoughts on how it could benefit the update, nothing more!) Suggestions/Thoughts from players and myself 1...
  16. Nikobaltesla

    OP prison complaints

    I have to say, great OP prison, but I would like to request some things regarding the free world, the shop and a couple of other things. For the free world: Can you please reset the Free world every so often? I am trying to get an oxeye daisy, but the only ones are outside the world border...
  17. Ongwz

    Loaning/Banking System In OP PRISION/OP FRACTION/SURVIAL

    Ok, this idea has been spinning around my mind ever since I started playing on servers with economic type plugins and the idea is to add a loaning system into the server. I have seen some server having it and I though why won't this server have it too. It would be better as players won't have to...
  18. Dazzerian

    Song suggestions?

    I've been getting pretty tired of the same songs over and over >.< Just wondering if you guys could drop some song suggestions for meee c: I would really appreciate it :D Any genre works really except Jazz, Gospel, and Opera xD My favorite song at the moment is 'Lost Boy by Ruth B.' It's life...
  19. Cryostar

    KitPvP Ideas

    Hello! I have been playing KitPvP all morning and it's very, VERY fun! I have some ideas for KitPvP also. I have read some posts giving suggestions, and I agree with some of them, so I will name them all. 1. Add enchanting rooms, with different amounts of bookshelves, this will give the...