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  1. Sophxu

    Starting off at Survival.

    Heyo! SophRawr here , some of you may know me as Sophie or Soph. I am a very known player on LC especially on S1. Here’s a guide that I hope you may use to your advantage & I hope it helps you all that use it. Thank you for taking the time out of your day reading this , means a lot :). Rank...
  2. PandaDePanda

    Villager Farmer Survival Not Replanting??

    So I recently did an Auto Farming system which includes the assistance of Villager Farmers. The first few hours of observing it works! However, after a couple of hours, they no longer farmed the crops that were fully grown. Does someone have an answer for this?
  3. PandaDePanda

    Sheep Spawners Survival

    I noticed the sheep inside the spawners change colors, and I don't understand why it's happening.
  4. Ren_Jinguuji

    Denied [Survival] Remove Duplication Of Items

    Essential Information Minecraft Username: Ren_Jinguuji Server Name: Survival Suggestion Information Thread Title: Remove Duplication Of Items Description: In short, players can duplicate written books and maps, I think this should be removed. Duplicating maps has been an issue for a long...
  5. LzNx

    Another Competition!???

    Haha yes, we have another competition on survival. This time with 2 ranks!! Ami is the one who is running the competition but I'm hosting it. /pwarp Drago to check it out
  6. audreyelizabeth

    What things would you like to see added into survival?

    what the title says :)
  7. Cap

    Accepted Suggestions for Events

    All events should take place in a different server (a sub server) so that the events can run smoothly without issues, bugs or lag. There should be a wide variety of rewards to pick from. (From player skulls to in-game currency) Events should be often so that players don’t get bored of the...
  8. Jok

    Survival Performance

    Preamble So I hope everyone has noticed the work we've been doing on the survival (and creative) server. We've managed to really get 1.15 performing well, possibly one of the best performing 1.15 survival servers out there with high player counts. However, we've started to see piston passive...
  9. AusDavid

    Most intense LC Build battle!

    Players have now hosted a build battle including Deezzzie, Cooookiemownster, Magillmanor, AusDavid and finally TheArxhxtxct1, Whoever comes out ontop earns bragging rights, Who will win? That will be decided on April 1st 2020! The builds are not all on creative, Cooookie and I have done our...
  10. Ren_Jinguuji

    what should I include in my shop after reset?

    As survival is getting a reset this upcoming Saturday, that means everything (other than ranks and some other paid for features) is going to be lost. I'd like to start up a shop almost immediately for players after the reset to help people get a good start on the gamemode. Keeping in mind that...
  11. PandaDePanda

    Non-Hostile Mobs Limit?

    I noticed that after my turtle eggs hatched only 4 turtles managed to come out. In total there were 10 eggs and the other 6 disappeared, so I was wondering if there was a limitation regarding the non-hostile mobs. If there is a limitation, what is the limitation? How populated can a chunk be?
  12. iTuxx

    LemonCloud Talent Show - Survival

    With the Help of Plant_Dad & Lilymoonn I’ll be hosting a lemoncloud Talent show! So When is it going to happen? It’s going to happen on the 16th of November at 7PM GMT. What can you do on it? The Talents shown by you can be Ingame like building, fighting, magic etc. Or, It can be much...
  13. iTuxx

    Results of the End Reset (Almost 1 week after)

    Yo It is I So almost a week has passed. I'm just interested what was your luck if you had any with elytras and shulkers and how many did you get? Personally I'm sure I have almost 40 Elytras shared with Zoulei1999 who has been helping me clear cities In raids.
  14. SmashNash32

    Raffle or Just Sell the Monarch Note?

    Im thinking if I raffle it itll be 4-5mil each ticket no minimum amount of entries and no max. If I sell it then I'll sell it to the highest bidder. If I do end up selling it lmk down below if you would want to enter the auction per say. I'll be making a group chat on discord for the auction and...
  15. SmashNash32

    Pet Riding Affecting the Server Negatively

    Hey guys. Do you guys also have the problem with people riding pets. Travellers and Adventurers are able to fly around willingly and I dont think its fair at all. Also when your on a pet you are technically 1 block tall and can fit through small gaps. The only reason I want to address this issue...
  16. (Survival) My thoughts on Frost Walker 10.

    Let's get this short. I've been testing those Frost Walker 10 boots for a few minutes, and here are some thoughts: If you're running without jumping, it doesn't really matter what level of Frost Walker you have for that. It doesn't matter if it is 1, 2, 10 or 32767. If you're jumping and...
  17. Dimensionz

    How To Make Money On Survival (After January 2019 Reset)

    Disclaimer: Methods may change depending on when you are reading this post. 1: Mine Packed Ice. With the 1.13 update, there are ice biomes, which spawn lots of glaciers made of packed ice. Using a silk touch pickaxe, you can mine the packed ice easily. Packed ice sells for $960 per stack...
  18. Dimensionz

    Ways To Make Money On Survival (After January Reset)

    Disclaimer: Methods may change depending on when you are reading this post. 1: Mine Packed Ice. With the 1.13 update, there are ice biomes, which spawn lots of glaciers made of packed ice. Using a silk touch pickaxe, you can mine the packed ice easily. Packed ice sells for $960 per stack...
  19. CheezyPhantom

    Closed Don't make the Survival die ;(

    Ok, the new survival is great. But there is something that makes the survival very boring. It's the MONEY! After the reset, there is no "meta" for money. The spam clicking is gone, that makes the hunter job useless. All kinds of automatic farms like cacti and sugarcane are nurfed. The IG farm is...