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  1. KnightShade105

    Robomason1 was banned

    Robomason1 was banned today for doing nothing he does not hack at all he did nothing wrong i was in a call with him the whole time on discord so if any staff would read this that would be awesome get him unbanned please that would be great sincerely, KnightShade105
  2. Tgrs

    Staff Spotlight | 9th Edition | VoidWhisperer Interview

    Staff Spotlight Happy Veterans Day! Welcome back to another edition of Staff Spotlight! For those of you who are new to this project, Staff Spotlight is a series of interviews aimed at the Staff team to allow the community to see and understand the roles of each Staff member. Our next...
  3. _Anti_Virus_


    If any of you have ever been banned and when your ban ends you still can't login to LemonCloud. I hope a staff sees this :D @VoidWhisperer
  4. BearTheOg

    Denied Skywars teams?

    IGN - BearTheOg What server / service is your suggestion for? - Sky Wars What is your suggestion? - For there to be another game mode where there are 2 players per island How can this make Lemon Cloud better? - it can open more game modes and bring more players to the sever Extra - I have seen...
  5. Sofiaa33


    So im leaving LC cause i feek like no one likes me i said i was leaving on OP prison and SBwater cause thats where i mainly play i made a list there was 7 people on prison that didnt even say bye there just like can i have your money or stuff and 9 people on prison said ok no one cares just...
  6. JakeNoot

    VoidWhisperer Exposed

    <!> ATTENTION <!> According to something very vague I have found out recently... here it comes... @VoidWhisperer should not be Developer.... Why you ask? This is because he does not have a brain! :0 Shocking, I know, I was surprised too. But just look at this picture and you will see what I...