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  1. Tokyo

    Not getting lemons when voting.

    I voted almost an hour ago, and I voted for sites 3, 4 and 5, its never happened to me before, but I haven't got my 0.6 lemons I should be getting. I am getting every single reward when you vote, except from the lemons. Only earlier today I was getting my lemons from voting before, why isn't it...
  2. CheezyPhantom

    Voting store cupons

    Soo, the month is over. I know that there was some problems with vote store cupons, but what is happening now? I am at #3 and i dont know will I get a cupon for it. For now I havent got anything, but should I wait it to come?
  3. CheezyPhantom

    Vote Cupon?

    Yo, if I am #1 of votes, how will I get the 25$ store cupon? Mail?
  4. magiical


    hello! my name is magic or erin and I am running for a staff position - preferably admin+ my qualities: - magical please vote for me! while I do not have enough posts to make a staff application, I hope community approval will lead me to help make lc amazing again. vote for magic
  5. TheChromiumHorse

    Get the 3rd voting website to work! [Detailed & Confirmed]

    Hey there! I feel great I could find a simple way this could be fixed, but the best feeling for me is sharing knowledge to help people, and that's why I am here! Requirements: You do not need to download anything, all you need is some of the newer versions of the web browser Google Chrome (I am...
  6. M_SuperGirl_M

    Please Read and hElp me ! <3

    Mmmm.. how do i find the top voters thing?? <3
  7. TEA_YT

    Denied Voting Rewards

    IGN - TEA_YT What server / service is your suggestion for? - All LemonCloud Minecraft servers What is your suggestion? - When people are getting rewarded, they shoulden't be rewarded on the next map too just cause they are higher on the leaderboard but they have the same votes as others How can...
  8. eliseabbott17


    Please let me know if you agree or not! Legendary rank=Legendary key x1 Champion rank=Mega key x1 Epic rank=Ultra key x1 Premium rank=Voter key x2 Donor rank=Voter key x1
  9. CapnEvan

    -Survival Reset Vote- (FOR ALL PLAYERS)

    Regardless of this being a heavily-debated argument, many of you have posted various reasons on why a reset for Survival is either a beneficial or hazardous action. YOUR OPINION IS YOUR OPINION; IT WILL BE RESPECTED. I would like all players who are active in Survival to please give an...
  10. vote crate bug

    there is a bug when using vote crates and while its running and exit the crate you have a lot more chance of getting valuable stuff like banknotes or spawners. i want to ask for a fix because it is too easy to get money, spawners or kits.
  11. Ongwz

    Inventory Full During Drop Parties

    Ok,we all know this problem. During Vote Drop Parties, our inventory will always be full and when your inventory is full the server will drop the items on the ground, that does not seem bad to you? Well then,during Drop Parties there is a high chance of you getting good donor kits or items (I...
  12. Solar

    Complaint Small little issue in voting

    This one is not too horrible, just confused me at first. I voted on SkyBlock Fire and got lucky and won the 1/50 chance of getting 50,000$. But the yellow announcement in chat said 500,000$. I actually noticed the yellow one first before the actual payment, so i was really happy, and i even...