How to escape bowspammers on KitPvP

Many people get extremely angry after they get bowspammed a ton. The most common response to this is for the angry player to get in to bow kit themselves, which is the worst way to get revenge on the bowspammer. Here are some methods to kill them or get away from them.

Method 1:
Force the bowspammer into the wheat field and get them into the little water things. They can’t bowspam and refill pots fast enough to escape or kill you and the bowspammer is dead.

Method 2:
Use speed kit and charge the bowspammer, but make sure to strafe. The bowspammer won’t be able to hit you as much and you can easily start killing them.

Method 3:
Hit the bowspammer against the random fences. They won’t be able to pot against the fences and if you crit them out fast enough they will die.

Method 4:
If you find yourself stuck in the water with a bowspammer, your best bet is to go underwater. It is much harder to accurately shoot underwater players since the arrows slow down significantly. Swim under them to kill them or just swim away like a submarine.

Next time you get bowspammed, before you get angry and start breaking every Player Disrespect rule, remember these methods in order to kill them.*

*This tips do not apply with truly skilled bowspammers