Kitpvp 5.0 thoughts


Feb 27, 2016
Things I like:
  • Npc potion stand
  • Prestige kits
  • Kit ideas
  • Potion reg
Things I dislike:
  • Npc pot stand closing on hit
  • Kit contents
  • Map - Too big and not that pretty, not to mention the grass and the flowers
  • Not being able to use commands in combat, like /level
  • Purchasable kits only obtained through irl money
  • Killstreaks - Strength 2 is way too op for a 10 ks and besides a golden apple I don't think there is anything after those rewards
  • Angler kit not having a sword as well as a rod
  • Asassain kit having only an iron sword
  • Angler kit having very low armor
  • Ranger kit being worse than archer kit?
  • Rank names
  • Npc's path being too short, should go all the way around the front of the map

Will make a more in depth kit fix list later, what do you guys think about the new kitpvp?


Jul 14, 2016
your dreams
Only thing I disagree with is i like the map. Its tad bit too big but that's not an awfulll thing. It gives me oldoldold kitpvp map vibes.

Also for some reason I cant give ratings to this thread?? Only me??

( imagine an agree rating )