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Sep 12, 2017

This is the place for you to play games with the LemonCloud community.

|| Information

This subforum is all for you to create games for the community members can play. One of the most popular games are counting games, threads based on interests, etc. Please note that anything in this forum doesn't give you a post to your post count.

The community loves to play different games that you all come up with. Be creative when you are making these games!

Some of the forum rules don't apply here, including the post-boosting/micro-posting rule. Since you don't get a post from here, you are allowed to comment on any thread you choose, but we highly discourage anyone from spamming all of them.

Necro-posting does not count towards this subforum either. You can revive any thread in this forum since you don't get a post from it.​
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