Jul 26, 2015
Bruh I'm really hungry right now... Ya pizza what u want? lemme get➡ uhhhhhhhhh B O N E L E S S pizza with a 2 liter of coke... What kinda pizza? And 2 liter machine broke What u mean ️ Ight look lemme get that pizza B O N E L E S S uh pizza don't got ☠️bone☠️ on it Then what did i just say then? U said Lemme get it boneless Like pizza got a damn bone in it yall got bones in ya poop then So what's the ❔problem❔ boi name ☝one☝ pizza that got bone on it just ❌don't❌ put them things in my pizza bruh how many times i gotta say it bruh jus explain to me how pizza can be boneless? if it ❌dont❌ got bone in it... its b o n e l e s s Son ❔what❔❔ school u go to ✌️dawg i ❌dont❌ understand the ❔problem❔ just make my pizza B O N E L E S S ☠️b o i☠️ I'm ☠️seriously☠️ ❌not❌ making this pizza

where's the uhhh... cringe button @?